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Empire: Brought To You By Lincoln and Pepsi!

Empire - Cast symbol-Pepsi

Back in the olden days before cable, it was not uncommon for TV shows to have ‘official sponsors’ – sponsors who paid a wee bit more and got preferential placing during commercial breaks.

Today, we see that more in relation to sports than other television programming – which is why it’s news that FOX’s out of nowhere hit, Empire, now has two official sponsors – Lincoln and Pepsi will serve as official sponsors for season two of their monster hit.

For details, follow the jump.

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EM Hosting Tonight’s Ed Sheeran Release Party Stream!


I’ll admit it, I don’t get the Ed Sheeran thing, but we’re hosting the live stream of tonight’s Album Release Party! Clear Channel will host the “Pepsi Presents iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Ed Sheeran” from the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles.  The event will bring Pepsi and Ed Sheeran fans a first listen of the global superstar’s new album, “x,” (pronounced ‘multiply’) set to be released the same day – Monday June 23. The event starts tonight at 9pm EST, that’s 6pm for you West Coasters.

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Pepsi Points – Get Your Free Pepsi Points Here!

Pepsi Stuff

Hey Everyone. First let me say thanks for participating in all the recent DVD Giveaways. I haven’t forgotten you. Those that sent me an email can expect to receive your DVDs in the next two – three weeks. But here’s a really cool new promotion, courtesy of our new friends at Pepsi of all people. Did you know they have this thing called Pepsi points. To get points you purchase a bottle of Pepsi, save the cap and then log onto www.Pepsistuff.com to redeem your points. You get enough points you can get all sorts of cool things. As much Pepsi as I drink, I should have a thousand points now. But you don’t have to get your points the hard way. No, no, no… We have 400 points to give away! To get a sense of how many points this is – 5 points will get you an .Mp3 download from Amazon, 90 points gets you a DVD, 60 points gets you CD, 12 points you can download TV Shows from Amazon’s Unbox and 50 points and up will get you some Pepsi gear. So now imagine you had 400 points!

As you may have noticed, I sort of fixed the top Posters thing that was so popular on the old EM system. This contest will be simple. It will run from March 17th until the end of the month March 31. The top post during this period will get 250 points. The 2nd and 3rd place winner will get 50 points each. One other person in the top ten will receive the last 50 points. These cards will be coming directly from Pepsi, so you don’t have to rely on my inability to get to a post office. So what are you waiting for, start posting!