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Meet Harvey Dent: Gotham’s Nicholas D’Agosto Talks Coin Flipping ADA!

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Gotham (FOX, Mondays, 9/8C) is one of the season’s most consistently performing new series. The story of the Gotham City between the time Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered and Batman first appears is the story of a city falling apart. Only a few members of the GCPD aren’t corrupt; organized crime has taken firm root, and the city’s most colorful characters are on the wrong side of the law.


Detective James Gordon is beginning to have an effect on his precinct, but real progress is still a ways off. Enter Harvey Dent – the man who begins as a lawyer in the District Attorney’s office and will rise to the become District Attorney before a mob boss scars his face with acid and takes on the guise of Two-Face.


Nicholas D’Agosto takes on the role of Harvey Dent this week on Gotham and D’Agosto spoke to a group of journalists on Friday about taking on this iconic role.

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Final Destination 5 – Gets In Your face Because Its Got 3 D and It Knows How To Use It!


I was one of those people who was really excited to find out that the use of 3 D in movies was not only coming back, but that it had been updated into something called ‘RealD’. So imagine my disappointment when, for the most part, all the technology was being used for was to created ‘textured layers’ in movies.  I was so disappointed in fact, that I stop wasting my money on the ‘RealD’ versions of new releases and just went to see the 2 D versions. That is, unless I got a free pass to see the ‘RealD’ version. Which is exactly what happened for me with ‘Final Destination 5’.  So I sat down, put on my ‘RealD’ glasses and hoped for the best.

What I got was beyond my expectations of ‘hope for the best’. From the moment the opening credits of ‘Final Destination 5’ began, I was in 3 D viewing heaven!. None of that namby-pamby ‘just for textured background’ stuff for this movie. ‘Final Destination 5’ had 3 D and they knew how to use it! Objects literally seemed to fly right out of the screen and into your face. It made you jump in your seat and flinch back. Judging from the sounds of appreciation from the audience around me, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had been disappointed by the way ‘RealD’ was being used in other movies. It was clear to me that many audience goers who pay the money to see ‘RealD’ want actually 3 D effects. In ‘Final Destination 5’, the audience gets those actual 3 D effects.

My giddiness over the excellent use of 3 D effects aside, I also found ‘Final Destination 5’ to be a highly entertaining horror movie; the best sequel of them all to the original ‘Final Destination’.

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