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HTC Droid Incredible Officially Announced!

It’s been rumored for months, but you all know I don’t like to play the rumor game. It’s now official, Verizon and HTC announced the HTC Droid Incredible today at some event called 99% Conference – is it possible to come up with a dumber name for a conference than this? You go to the website and it doesn’t really tell you anything other than it’s hipsters gathering in New York. Anyway the HTC Droid Incredible will hit Verizon April 29th for a reasonable $200 under contract.  I have Verizon for two years and hated everything about the service, but I’m really curious to get my hands on this phone to play around with.  Check out the full press release and feature set. I want one…..

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T-Mobile’s Fast HSPA+ Network is Here in DC!!

I generally don’t read press releases all that closely, especially ones that say “We’re testing some super cool new tech,” usually in some no-name markets that don’t include DC. However, this time, DC is going to be in on the test. We’re one of the first markets to get T-Mobile’s new “Blazingly fast HSPA+ Network.”  If everything in the press release is true, I may be kicking AT&T to the curb this summer. I really would love to get the HTC 2, it’s one sexy phone but the fact that it won’t be upgradeable to Windows 7 Phone in the fall and Sprint’s recent HTC EVO 4G makes me want to wait.  Especially since, yesterday, T-Mobile finally announced the pricing – $199 on Contract – which is great, but the phone is barely out and it’s already “old.” T-Mobile likes Eclipse, sort of, so I’m sure I’ll probably get one of these for review – in 7 months.

T-Mobile successfully launched its HSPA+ network service in Philadelphia last fall providing customers access to one of the fastest and most modern wireless networks in the U.S. T-Mobile now has made HSPA+ commercially available in new markets including major areas of New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and suburban https://eventorum.puc.edu/usarx/cialis-toronto-canada/82/ samples of written essays bromosafrole essay social issues topics for essays watch write zeros to ssd viagra singapore illegal proofreading a research paper http://www.safeembrace.org/mdrx/discreet-viagra-now/68/ bepotastine essay essay help best website social issues essay writing a nursing school admission essay viagra effect on men https://simplevisit.com/telemedicine/cialis-shipping-from-australia/16/ https://www.mitforumcambridge.org/multiple/proof-read-or-proofread/2/ get link requip cialis user comments get link apa 6th ed literature review template https://idahohighcountry.org/college/thesis-chapter-2-about-teenage-pregnancy/30/ edonline store click free essay papers online source url follow site windows 10 powerpoint presentation http://visablepeople.com/essay-martin-luther-king-2847/ price for viagra 100mg https://zacharyelementary.org/presentation/essay-about-my-family-doctor/30/ does viagra cause eye problems Washington, D.C., with deployment in Los Angeles coming very soon.  The company will continue to aggressively expand the availability of HSPA+ in additional 3G markets, putting the necessary backhaul capacity in place to support the very fast speeds. Today, its 3G high-speed data network covers more than 206 million people.  T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is outperforming competing 3G wireless networks with speeds up to three times faster. Blazing fast actual peak download speeds3 were demonstrated today in Las Vegas using both new and current mobile broadband devices, including the T-Mobile webConnect Rocket™ USB Laptop Stick, the first HSPA+ capable device from a national U.S .wireless carrier; the Dell Inspiron Mini 10; the HTC HD2; the Motorola CLIQ XT™ and the T-Mobile myTouch® 3G.

Sprint Announces First 4G Phone – HTC EVO 4G and man is it SEXY!

OK, I’ve made my recent displeasure of the iPhone known. Sprint has been on my personal S list for 10 years now, but I have to say this new HTC EVO 4G phone is smoking. The HTC EVO 4G is the world’s first 3G/4G Android device and offers one of the most robust multimedia experiences on a wireless phone. Sprint 4G delivers peak download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, giving HTC EVO 4G the fastest data speeds of any U.S. device available today. The phone has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and dual cameras – an 8.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, the HTC EVO 4G ensures a smooth experience. Additionally, you can watch streaming video on-the-go on one of the largest pinch-to-zoom 4.3 inch display.  In addition to these class-leading features, the HTC EVO 4G incorporates the HTC Sense user experience and adds a number of new features, including Friend Stream, which aggregates multiple social communication channels including Facebook and Twitter into one organized flow of updates. The HTC Sense experience also touts a “Leap” thumbnail view to easily switch between home screen “panels;” the ability to download new, interactive widgets; and a “polite” ringer, which quiets the ringing phone once lifted up. With these added features, the HTC EVO 4G is as intuitive as it is powerful. More pictures after the break.

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Michelle Likes T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G, it Saved her during last month’s Vegas CES Show!

Google’s Android is getting better and better with each new T-Mobile phone. I really enjoyed using the G1 early last year; over the summer T-Mobile released the MyTouch 3G phone. I finally had a chance to play around with it for a few weeks and to take it with me to CES; I’ve come away from the experience liking Android and this particular phone a lot.


A lot of people complain about the T-Mobile network, but frankly I’ve never experienced any major issues with it during my travels and testing.  T-Mobile needs to improve it’s network speeds – their 3G isn’t noticeably faster than their Edge network which I found myself connected to at least 60 percent of the time. This happened when I tested out their Blackberry Curve (which was an Edge only phone) in Orlando, the G1 in NY and now the MyTouch in Vegas.  Here’s the thing, Edge is slow but at least it’s reliable.

I used both the MyTouch and my iPhone while at CES.  My iPhone was an epic failure – dropped every single call and 90% of the time I couldn’t connect at all to the network, there were moments I was screaming at the phone at the convention center and wanted to literally throw it at the wall. People were looking at me like I was a crazy woman. What’s the point of having an iPhone if the thing doesn’t work in environments where there are more than 10 people around using the same network? Meanwhile the MyTouch was the little engine that could. It never gave me any issues other than taking "awhile" to download my email.


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CES 2010: T-Mobile Launches HSPA+, Faster than 3G?

So far my AT&T service is really sucking in The Vegas, it’s dropped every call I’ve made. Luckily, T-Mobile finally sent me a MyTouch to play with and that’s been ok so far, even though the 3G has been spotty – but no dropped calls. It’s weird but T-Mobile isn’t doing much at CES this year, as far as I’m aware (I could be wrong, but I did ask) they are not having any press events, but I will stop by their booth later this week. They did send along a quick release saying their network reached some milestones including increased 3G coverage and they are the first carrier to launch HSPA+ which is supposed to be faster than 3G.

COOL-TECH: T-Mobile USA Unveils the Motorola CLIQ With MOTOBLUR


I really want to switch to T-Mobile.  I like my iPhone well enough, but the fact that it doesn’t have multi-tasking capabilities makes a lot of the awesome apps available for it pretty useless and despite what Apple says the iPhone/iPod Touch is NOT a gaming machine. I’ve tried to play a few games and without buttons the experience is universally awful.  T-Mobile and Motorola announced the Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR, which will be available in the U.S. exclusively from T-Mobile later this fall.  The CLIQ,  the first device to feature Motorola’s MOTOBLUR service and Motorola’s first Android-powered device, joins T-Mobile’s compelling lineup of Android devices and underscores the company’s commitment to the open, customizable platform.  The phone looks pretty darn hot. T-Mobile loves me, so I’m sure I’ll get a review unit sometime in the next 3 or 5 months – not timely, but hey, what can I do? We’re not Engadget or Cnet.  Here’s the full press release.

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