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DVD Review: God Bless America: Bobcat Goldthwaite Takes Out The Trash!


If you’ve ever been ticked off by a jerk who not only zips into that parking space you were heading for, but parked diagonally across its neighboring space as well; if you’ve ever wanted to wring the necks of a group of kids chattering through a movie, or put a definitive end to reality shows built around screaming, spoiled brats or self-indulgent bimbos, then God Bless America might just be the movie for you.

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DVD REVIEW: Bob Funk – Odd Mix of Genres Works Better Than You Might Expect

Bob Funk is a curious little movie. Based on the long-running play of the same name, by Craig Carlisle [who adapted and directed the movie], Bob Funk is the story of an alcoholic, the titular Bob Funk [Michael Leyden Campbell], who has so totally ruined his life that he is fired from his job as Vice-President of Funk Futons by. his. mother [Grace Zabriskie]!


Why? Besides leaving vital paperwork unfilled on a regular; besides the always coming in late – and usually spattered with coffee [he manages to bump onto the same woman every day, spilling his coffee]; besides his utter lack of people skills, his behavior puts the company in double jeopardy by missing a deadline with some paperwork necessary to keeping Funk Futons from being stripped of its business licence and by harassing a new employee, opening the company up to a sexual harassment lawsuit. [It’s when Bob fails to accept responsibility for the harassment that Mom fires him.

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