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Movies: Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen For 2010


It’s been an interesting year in film. From powerhouse performances [James Franco in 127 Hours; Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone] to terrific ensemble pieces [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World]; from unexpectedly great remakes/re-imaginings [Let Me In, True Grit] to spectacular animated features [Toy Story 3, Megamind] there has been no shortage of entertaining films.

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Let Me In – Supernatural Coming of Age Thriller!


It’s only been a couple years since the genuinely different Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In turned up on the vast majority of critics’ top ten lists, so it might seem odd for there to be an American version so soon. Fortunately, Matt Reeves’ Let Me In is not exactly a remake. The opening credits cite both the novel and the script [both by John Ajvide Lindqvist] as sources for the film. In a way, Reeves’ take on the story takes what’s best about the novel [and original film] and finds a way to give it a unique resonance for the North American audience.

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Let Me In Red Band Trailer now on Facebook!

Here it is, the first Red Band trailer for Let Me In the new Hollywood version of last year’s Swedish Indie Hit Let the Right One In. Click here to check out the official Facebook page. I don’t understand the point of remaking this but this other than very few people saw the original. By the trailer it looks like they are keeping to the letter of the original while upping the Vampire and action quotient. Nice and effective trailer, makes me want to see it.  Here is the Green Band version.