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Skepticism Colors Hollows Groves!


Hollows Groves, a movie about a behind-the-scenes look at a Ghost Hunters type of reality series, was spawned by writer/director Craig Efros’ skepticism – not of the supernatural, but of the hi-tech ‘smoke and mirrors’ that can be used to make the audience believe that those kinds of paranormal investigators are actually encountering paranormal activity.

The result is a film that asks if such investigators really believe in what they’re doing and, if not, what might happen if they actually encountered something supernatural?

Hollows Grove stars Lance Henriksen and Mykelti Williamson and will be released on VOD through iTunes and www.hollowsgrove.com on Tuesday, October 21st. Follow the jump for details.

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Scream of the Banshee: Syfy’s 200th Original Movie!


After being assailed by demons, werewolves, shark/octopus hybrids, earthquakes and super storms – and so much more – fans of Syfy’s Saturday night B-movie bonanza can look forward to/dread hearing the Scream of the Banshee on March 26 [9/8C].

Lauren Holly [NCIS] and Lance Henriksen [Millennium]headline the 200th original movie produced for the network’s ‘most dangerous night on television.’

Details – and a list of all 200 titles – follow the jump.

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