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MOVIE REVIEWS: G-Force: Disney-Bruckheimer Combo Makes for Good Goofy 3-D Summer Fun!

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G-Force Poster

Created by Ben [Zach Galafianakis], with aid from his assistant Marcie [Kelli Garner], the team goes on unauthorized mission to keep the project from being shut down. They infiltrate the home of the head of the Saberlink Corporation [Bill Nighy] and download the plans to what they believe to a diabolical plan for world domination – code named Clusterstorm. When the file appears to be marketing for a new, glitzy coffeemaker, the project is shut down – but before the team can be caught and exterminated, they are whisked off to a pet shop. Now all they have to do is escape the pet shop, find Ben, and figure out why their stolen file isn’t what it should be. Then they can save the world.

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