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Michelle reviews the iPad/Tablet Courier V.3



I find that the smaller things get, the more crap I end up carrying around, so as a female tech enthusiast, I’m always up for a good, well-designed and well-thought-out accessory bag. The fine folks at Skooba Design make some of the best bags on the market. Now that tablets are all the rage it was only natural for them to create the iPad/Tablet Courier V.3.

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inNuevo’s DOCKr the Ultimate


A few months ago I was in NYC checking out all the latest gadgets and accessories at a tech conference. A small company called inNuevo caught my eye. It is the sister company (and product arm) of architectural and interior design firm Marshall Moya Design (MMD) whose recent work included the beautiful renovation of Washington, DC’s historic Howard Theater. The company is now using all its years of architectural design knowledge to dabble in the iPad accessory market.

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