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Rock Band 4’s Soundtrack Getting Bigger! Skynard, Imagine Dragons and more!


I refuse to go down this well again, no really I mean it! I’m still salty about the fact that I had 500 tracks and lots of musical instruments left from the last band wars. But who am I kidding, I’m a sucker, I’ll probably dive back in. Rock Band is hitting the streets Oct 6.  I’m getting old, because I don’t know who any of these groups are. But then I’d never heard the greatness that was Renegades or YYZ before the last round of music games.

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John Lennon Comes to Rock Band


Imagine a world where you can play keyboards in a music game. Imagine the new possibilities that opens? Imagine no more, because John Lenon’s Imagine Album is going to be one of the first full album downloads for Rock Band 3. After the lackluster Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, with Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and The Doors coming in the first batch of DLC, Rock Band 3 is shaping up to be the music game to get. GH is going to have to step it up. I think we’re getting a review copy in the next week or so – sorry but all the game companies send us stuff at least a week or two after release; hope to have a review for you all soon.

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Michelle Jams on Green Day Rock Band!

I’ll admit it I’m over the Music Band thing; I think the folks at Harmonix and Red Octane have gone about as far as you can go with this genre.  There was a brief moment last year when Harmonix rekindled my love of plastic instruments with their amazing, loving work on The Beatles Rock Band; their follow-up is an odd choice – Green Day? Really? That’s a band significant enough to warrant it’s own Rock Band game? Ok.   Come on, where’s Prince Rock Band? Or U2?

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VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock

Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock

I think I’m about through with the music genre. I still love me some Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but I think after Guitar Hero Smash Hits comes out in a few weeks I’ll about at my limit – there’s just to many titles and tracks to keep up with. But before I do, I took Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock for a spin and it’s good. I’ve always said that Guitar Hero is the better game, while Rock Band has always been the better music “simulator.” This time out the “game” elements has been streamlined and improved upon.  This slimmed down version isn’t clutter like the main game and several things that I didn’t like about Rock Band like the way it handled Achievement Points, Scoring, and other simple game elements like progression are much better. I have over 300 Rock Band Tracks and to this day I have yet to finish Rock Band 2 because of the ridiculous way it pulls songs from all the tracks to make up each tour destination. This Track Pack set strips out all of that and takes it back to the basics. You now get achievement points for actually doing well in the game.

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VIDEO GAME NEWS: Guitar Hero World Tour Vs. Rockband 2

Since Activision isn’t going to send me my Guitar Hero World Tour kit for another few weeks, I’m not going to be able to review it for awhile. Which is good because I’m still stuck on Rockband 2 a game I don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish because I have over 300 tracks and the damn game is forcing me to play any tracks but the new ones.  But if you ever wondered what the differences are between the two new games are, there are about 19 tracks that are on both. One of those weird YouTubers actually did a comparison between the two games and the one thing you come away with is how unrealistic both of these games are, when they both use different "notes" for the same sequences. If RB and GH were truly accurate you would think it’d be the same. For instance instead of hitting the green notes you hit the orange, which is at the complete opposite end of the scale.  Check it out, it’s pretty neat.