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Snake Eyes Speaks! Ray Park talks to Michelle!


The general public may not know his name, but a lot of true geeks know who Ray Park is. Raymond Park was born in Glasgow, Scotland and started with martial arts at the age of 7, is a legitimate bad ass.  For years, he was known for doing the Park “Spin” which is a cool move where he “flies” at someone while doing a full body spin. He is the man who is always silent, but deadly and makes his presence felt in most of his films. Or should I just say – he is better known as Star Wars – Darth Maul, who many agree, was the best thing about Episode I and in the GI Joe films he is a “little known “character by the name of Snake Eyes! Park also played the acrobatic Toad in The X-Men movie (very small but, memorable appearance) and was Edgar on the hit show Heroes.    I recently had a chance to talk to him about GI Joe: Retaliation (now available on Blu-ray/DVD). Here is our review of the Blu-ray.

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GI Joe: Retaliation Blu-ray Review!


I will never understand my fellow moviegoers and critics. When you go see a movie like GI Joe, what exactly does one expect to see? While, I only saw it once, I walked away from it actually loving the heck out of it. Yes, I recognize that from a pure craft standpoint the movie was seriously flawed. But I don’t go to a GI Joe movie looking for craft. I go looking to be entertained, to watch a cartoon that I loved as a kid brought to life and see the property be treated with a modicum of respect. On that basis the first GI Joe delivered everything that I wanted.  But the movie was a critical and (I thought, apparently wrong, Box Office failure) so I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find that a sequel was in the works.

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Trailer: GI Joe: Retaliation – A Major Case Of Identity Theft And The Original Joe!


The original GI Joe movie, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra was so awful – even the trailers were abysmal – that it made my Bottom Feeders list for 2009. GI Joe: Retaliation, however, has gone from terrific trailer to terrific trailer. The addition of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis to the cast seems to have energized a potential franchise that really needed something more. Check out the spiffy new trailer, above, and cross your fingers – this might just be fun!