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Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker Lead Second Round of Presenters for 90th Oscars®!

Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman/Princess Diana (Gal Godot) – Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Gal Godot and Mark Hamill lead the second round of presenters announced for the 90th Oscars®.

Also named are: Armie Hammer, Oscar Isaac, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gina Rodriguez, Eva Marie Saint, Wes Studi, Kelly Marie Tran and Zendaya.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Oscars® live from the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood on Sunday, March 4th (ABC, 8/5PT).

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All the President’s Men Kicks Off the 2016 TCM Film Festival!

All The President’s Men

The 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival will open with a 40th Anniversary screening of All the President’s Men.

The Festival will pay tribute to Emmy®-winner Carl Reiner and Oscar®-nominee Elliott Gould and feature appearances by Anna Karina (introducing Jean-Luc Goddard’s Band of Outsiders), Stacey Keach (discussing John Huston’s boxing classic, Fat City), John singleton (introducing a 25th Anniversary screening of his Boyz N the Hood), and the legendary Eva Marie Saint (introducing a screening of political comedy The Russian Are coming, The Russians Are Coming!).

For further details – including information on festival passes, follow the jump.

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TCM Announces Special Guests For 2015 TCM Classic Cruise!

TCM_Classic Cruise

TCM’s annual Classic Cruise always features top flight talent and this year’s voyage is no exception.

Hosted by TCM’ own Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz, the 2015 TCM Classic Cruise will feature film legends Eva Marie Saint, Louis Gossett Jr. Ruta Lee, Roger Corman and more.

The cruise will take place November 1st-6th aboard the Disney Magic. for details, follow the jump.

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DVD REVIEW: Studio One Anthology: Amazing Programming From the Dawn of the Television Age

Beginning in 1948 and boasting a nine year run – and over four hundred and fifty episodes – Studio One was the premiere anthology series in a time when live television drama was brand new. Every week, brought a new story – and the multitude of other anthology series that followed were equally productive. To stay the best, a network had to have an imaginative writing and production staff producing its shows – and they had to let them work with an absolute minimum of interference. The series accumulated eighteen Emmy Award nominations and five wins during its run.

Studio One Box Art

The Studio One Anthology DVD set features seventeen of the series best and most influential episodes – beginning with an opera called The Medium and an adaptation of Wuthering Heights. In between are works by writers like Gore Vidal and Rod Serling, and performances by stars like Art Carney, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Charlton Heston, Jack Lemmon and Sal Mineo.

The Medium is the tale of a phoney medium who comes unravelled when a real spirit appears at one of her séances – a spirit that we actually see, as well. Although I’ve never enjoyed the opera, this one is pretty involving.

Several episodes included here went on to becomes award-winning movies: 12 Angry Men [here starring Robert Cummings and Franchot Tone], Julius Caesar [here starring Theodore Bikel as the ill-fated emperor], and Dino [starring Sal Mineo as the title character]. Each of these productions stand out as quality entertainment, especially when you consider that each had a mere two weeks of prep time – and that included writing the scripts! The four episodes mentioned are among my personal favorites, along with: The Death and Life of Larry Benson [a soldier seemingly returns home to his family and featuring one of Lee Remick’s earliest appearances]; June Moon [an adaptation of the Ring Lardner satire, starring Jack Lemmon and Eva Marie Saint], and Wuthering Heights [starring Charlton Heston and Lloyd Bochner].

Because these dramas were broadcast live, with no chance of a rerun, they were filmed from an actual TV screen to be broadcast to the west later the same day. This produced what are called kinescopes, and it is from those kinescopes that this anthology was produced. Needless to say, the quality isn’t as high as it could be. The episodes are still among the best and most memorable work ever produced for television.

Features include: Paley Center Panel Discussion [1987]; Studio One Historical Overview; Paul Nickell Interview Excerpts, Voices from the Archive: Studio One, and a fifty-two page booklet with production details, casts and synopses.

Grade: Studio One: Anthology – A

Grade: Features – B-

Final Grade: A-