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Eclipse Magazine presents The GeekScholars Movie News Podcast #057

Welcome fans to this week’s episode of the GeekScholars Movie News podcast! The show kicks off with a trio of headlines including news about a new Looney Tunes movie, a director taking on the Baywatch adaptation, plus the possibility that has LEGO inadvertently spoiled a second villain’s appearance in next the Superman movie, Man of Steel.

After that, the GeekScholars debut a brand new segment called ‘Where Are They Now?’, where each host does a little research to find out what some once-stars are up to these days, having made the move from spotlight to obscurity. This week the GeekScholars hunted down Pearl Harbor’s Josh Hartnett, Clueless’ Alicia Silverstone, and The Wonder Years’ Fred Savage.

From there, the GeekScholars analyze and grade the trailers for the Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, starring Harrison Ford as Brooklyn Dodgers’ owner, Branch Rickey, as well as Promised Land, a nearly-ripped-from-the-headlines tale about the boom of natural gas excavation and its potential effect on a small farming town, starring Matt Damon.

GeekScholar Fox then closes out the episode with his review and grade for the comic-book adaptation of Dredd 3D.

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Dredd Is The Law!

Anderson Dredd

The rebooted Judge Dredd movie, Dredd, is an action-packed ride that combines elements of the classic British series from the 2000AD magazine with the kind of triphammer percussiveness of Pantera. It doesn’t lay its Margaret Thatcher/Ronald Reagan government on steroids backdrop with a trowel, but the attitude of the comic is definitely the foundation for the film.

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