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Silver Linings Playbook Is an Oddball Charmer!


David O. Russell doesn’t make the usual kind of movies. He mixes genres, twists things in upon themselves and looks at them from angles no one else does. With Silver Linings Playbook, he takes the romantic dramedy and a couple with mental health issues and mixes them until something fresh and original bubbles up.

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The Art Of Collaboration and David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg Discuss Their Work Together!

Wahlberg & Russell__Ph-MathiewYoung

Turner Classic Movies and the American Film Institute produce a series of specials on some of the greatest collaborations in film. The latest edition of TCM Presents AFI’s Master Class – The Art of Collaboration [Tuesday, 10/9C] features director David O. Russell and actor/producer Mark Wahlberg in conversation about their work together.

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TELEVISION: Syfy Picks Up Home Made Sitcom Outer Space Astronauts!

And now for something completely different – Outer Space Astronauts, a sci-fi sitcom that mixes CG and live action in a new and twisted way.

alien nation 1

The series, which premieres on Syfy on December 8th, is a futuristic comedy series about eight vaguely courageous, highly distractable military personnel who journey to the far reaches of the galaxy, seeking knowledge, adventure and whatever else they can come up with.  On board the O.S.S. Oklahoma, this legion of misfits are led by a lackluster captain who would rather be planning the next “margarita Monday” than leading a mission against evil, much to exasperation of his by-the-book second-in-command.  Regardless of being a comedy of errors, this team will surprise even themselves as they navigate their way around the solar system.

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