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Common Law: Cops In Couples’ Therapy! What Th…?


USA Network’s new series, Common Law [Fridays, 10/9C], puts a truly odd new spin of the cop-buddy show – it’s lead characters, Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell, used to be the precinct’s top homicide team – until they got sick of each other. Now, they bicker and brawl over the slightest differences of opinion – leading their new agey boss, Captain Sutton to order them into couples’ therapy!

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Common Law Star Michael Ealy Talks Action, Comedy & Therapy!


USA Network’s Common Law [Fridays, 10/9C] stars Michael Ealy [Think Like A Man, Underworld Awakening] as Travis Marks, one half of the best team of detectives in the LAPD. The problem is that the two have let personal differences grow into a problem of epic proportion – so epic, in fact, that their boss has ordered them into couples’ therapy!

I recently took part in a conference call with Ealy, who talked about the challenge of doing a series in which comedy is a huge component – and how much he enjoyed working on the show’s first season.

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