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HDNET Movies Honors Clint Eastwood’s 87th Birthday with Bingeworthy Event!

HDNET Movies will honor Clint Eastwood’s 87th birthday with a four-day event culminating in an all-day marathon of Eastwood’s movies on star director’s birthday, Wednesday, May 31st.

From Sunday, May 28th through May 30th, the network will air mini-marathons of classic Eastwood movies – from The Bridges of Madison County to Tightrope, from City Heat to Where Eagles Dare.

Then, on the morning of Sunday, May 31st, beginning at 7:30 (6:30C), HDNET Movies will air nine Clint Eastwood movies.

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Sully Soars!


Tom Hanks has another Oscar®-worthy role in another very entertaining movie.

Clint Eastwood’s Sully tells the story we never knew about – the NTSB investigation into whether Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberg made the right/only choice when he landed Castle 1549 in the Hudson River in January of 2009. All 155 souls aboard survived, but the investigators claimed he didn’t have to land there.

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208Seconds Trailer: Sully: The IMAX Trailer!


208 seconds after takeoff, on January 15, 2009, Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger landed his disabled plane on the Hudson River – saving everyone aboard. That’s the part of the story we all know.

The part we don’t know is the one where, behind the headlines, an investigation was going on could destroyed his reputation and career. That’s the basis for Clint Eastwood’s Sully.

In a trailer made for IMAX (the film was made with IMAX cameras), Eastwood talks a bit about the movie. The trailer follows the break.

Sully opens on September 9th.

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Harmonizing Trailer: Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys!


After directing films like Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby to critical and popular success – and winning the odd Oscar® – the last thing anyone expected Clint Eastwood to do was adapt a Tony Award-winning musical about ‘60s group The Four Seasons (Big Girls Don’t Cry, Sherry, Walk Like a Man). Which was probably why he did it.

Warner Brothers UK has just released a trailer for the movie – which features the stars of the Broadway hit – and it looks very interesting. Check it out after the jump. Jersey Boys will premiere on June 20th.

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Trouble With The Curve Is an RBI Single Into The Gap!


Trouble With The Curve contains a lot of elements we’ve seen before: parent/child estrangement; a quirky romance; an older employee who is made to look over-the-hill; time honored methods vs. new technological advances – in short, there’s nothing much about the movie we haven’t seen in one form or another, many, many times. But sometimes, it’s not so much the story as it is the way the story is told – and Trouble With The Curve is told very well, indeed.

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DVD/Blue_Ray Review: Hereafter Explores Afterlife Possibilities- Special Features Focus on Director Clint Eastwood


Available on DVD & DVD/Blu_Ray Digital Download Combo Pack on March 15th

The synopsis for this 2010 movie tells us that it’s a story about a guy named George (Matt Damon)who is an average Joe with a special connection to the afterlife dating from his childhood. Along the way, Joe meets up with others who are searching for a similar connection, including French journalist Marie (Cécile de France) and London schoolboy Marcus (Frankie and George McLaren) loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. All of them are on a life changing journey to find out what is on the other side in the afterlife.

Given the premise of this movie, written by Peter Morgan, and the fact that it is directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Matt Damon, I was really interested in getting a chance to see it.  Having had my own version of a near death experience, I was looking forward to seeing how they handled the subject. After having watched the movie twice, I’m not sure if it really lived up to expectations, but I do have to say that Clint Eastwood as a director wasn’t afraid to take the topic head on and deal with it in an intelligent manner.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Unconquering Spirit of Invictus

  Mandela & Pienaar make history 
A day that will live in history in South Africa occured on February 11, 1990 . It was the day that South African Nelson Mandela was finally released after serving 27 years in prison. Three years later, Mandela became a candidate, on behalf of the African National Congress, to run for South Africa’s first black president. 1994 marked the very first time that black South Africans were able to cast their vote in a presidential election. The voices have spoken and Nelson Mandela won the presidential race successfully.

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NEW ON DVD: Gran Torino Comes Driving onto DVD On June 9th

JUNE 9th 2009: Warner Brothers is releasing the Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino The Widescreen Edition onto DVD, ON DEMAND and for download via cable/satellite providers and iTunes. Gran Torino marked the first return to filmmaking for venerable actor Clint Eastwood since his Oscar winning film Million Dollar Baby. I liked this movie when it came out in theaters and my opinion of this movie has not changed. It’s no clunker, it’s Eastwood at his finest.


In Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood plays the recently widowed and retired auto worker, Walt Kawalski.  Kawalski is also a man who is deeply set in his own ways and coldly distant from his two sons and their families. The kind of man who keeps his M-1 rifle cleaned and ready for action to defend what he clearly knows is his and unquestionably believes is right.

Kawalski, an embittered Korean war veteran with a deep distrust and dislike for Asian people finds himself dealing with unwelcome changes in his neighborhood in the form of Vietnamese families moving into his once solidly Caucasian world. As Gran Torino unfolds Walt Kowalski rescues his next door neighbor a young Hmong girl named Sue Lor (Ahney Her) and as he  finds himself becoming friends with the spunky, outspoken young girl, Walt also finds himself at first very begrudgingly taking on the task of reforming her teenaged brother Thao Vang Lor (Bee Vang), who tried to steal Kowalski’s prized possession: his 1972 Gran Torino.

From the opening scenes of Walt and his family at the funeral for Mrs. Kawalski to Walt’s final and dramatic scenes on screen, Eastwood delivers a solid performance and bring a a believability to the character that pulls the audience into the story with ease. Pretty much everyone knows a guy like Walt Kawalski and that familiarity embodied in the equally familiar form of the laconic and soft spoken Clint Eastwood makes it all fall into place. The onscreen chemistry between Eastwood and these two young actors is part of what makes Gran Torino become such a compelling and driving force of a movie. Kawalski’s journey of self discovery and widened sense of the world around him is embodied in the friendships he makes with them and their family.  Gran Torino, which was written by Nick Shenck from a screenplay by Dave Johannson, is filled with real people and with the gritty realism that comes from the world of everyday hard working middle class people, not from some smaltzy heroics or preachy zenlike characters.

Gran Torino is a solid ride for anyone looking for something with ‘meat and potatoes’ to it.

On the down side to what I consider a DVD worth spending money on is, even though I am a woman who is in love with muscle and sports cars, I found the special features offered on the DVD to be a bit lacking for the general audience. Both special features, Manning the Wheel: The Meaning of Manhood as Reflected in American Car Culture and Gran Torino: More than a Car, are decidedly geared towards male audiences.

Gran Torino is Rated R for adult content, language and situations and is available on DVD at Warner Brothers Home Video.