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Television: Michael Shanks Flies into Smallville for Absolute Justice

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Actor Michael Shanks is best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on the hit Syfy Channel series Stargate SG1, which ended it’s successful ten year run back in 2006. Shanks also reprised this role in two made for DVD Stargate SG1 movies and in guest-starring appearances in the two spin off series, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe. Of course this talented and versatile actor has spent time in other roles as well since becoming a fan favorite on Stargate SG1 (so popular in fact that many loyal fans participated in a campaign to bring him back to SG1 after the actor departed the series at the end of season five). Shanks has appeared in guest starring roles on several top rated television series such as 24, CSI: Miami and a very popular recurring guest appearance on Burn Notice as the rogue agent, Victor.

Now Michael Shanks steps into the realm of the superhero as he dons winged armor to become The Hawkman in the upcoming Smallville telemovie, Absolute Justice.

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