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DVD REVIEW: The Sarah Silverman Program: Season 2, Volume 2 – Whimsically Shocking Series is Hit or Miss!


Sarah Silverman is an actor/stand-up comic who looks like an especially pretty girl next door while writing material that can best be described as whimsically shocking. How else to explain an episode of her The Sarah Silverman Program that weds a low-budget animated Little Mermaid spoof with bedwetting?

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Sarah Silverman Is a Delightfully Strange Person!

season3_Sarah & Dog

On Friday, Sarah Silverman talked to a number of television bloggers about the new season of The Sarah Silverman Program [Comedy Central, tonight, 10:30/9:30C]. Subjects ranged from the personal [her new boyfriend] to the sensitive [her ongoing battle with depression] as well as the way her show is written and why it gets so outrageous.

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