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Blu-ray Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Ok, I’m getting a little annoyed with Fox. For some reason they have stopped sending out Blu-rays for review. It’s an alarming, but not surprising trend that studios are cutting critics out; I think this summer is the summer where there have been more Cold Openings than any in recent memory – especially for most of the garbage released in August. I can certainly understand their reasoning. Why should they screen their crappy films for critics when they know most likely we won’t like it and it still goes on to make hundreds of millions before the word gets out how horrible it is. Terminator, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine all prove that with enough marketing studios can shovel junk and the masses will lap up. Now they are doing the same thing with providing DVD/Blu-ray screeners and I guarantee you the Blu-ray will probably do gangbuster business. So I actually went out and paid my own money to get X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ok, I Netflixed it.

Here’s the thing, I kind of liked Wolverine in the theaters, I forgave a lot of the more idiotic moments in the movie because I thought the strength of the first two acts outweighed the horrible 3rd act. Sitting through this movie a third time (I watched it on a international flight a few weeks ago) in the comfort of my own home was a real struggle because I knew what’s coming and it’s like this dark cloud that prevents me from enjoying the first 2 acts a third time around. There’s just too much in the movie that makes no sense, it’s frustrating to watch. Like Gambit’s fight with Logan, there’s absolutely no reason for this fight to happen other than the director thought it was cool.


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Blu-Ray News: X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits Blu-ray/DVD September 15

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray

I’m one of the only critics who liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I’m not saying I loved it and it didn’t have numerous problems but as a generic action film I thought it was, Ok. Just not one you run out and see in a theater. The movie made over $175 million so just like all the other summer movies this year, while all of them failed creatively and no one apparently liked them, all of them (Transformers, G.I. Joe, Terminator, etc) still made plenty of bank at the box office. I think in the comfort of my own home on the Blu-ray I’ll probably like it a bit more.  The Blu-ray is coming out September 15 in basically a single disk version with some deleted scenes, blu-ray live, and a couple of alternate takes and a 2nd disk for Digital Copy.  Here’s the full press release.

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BLU-RAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Hits Blu-ray/DVD Oct. 20

Transformers Blu-ray

After all the lip Michael Bay had against HD-DVD a few years ago, I expect every one of his Blu-ray releases to blow my eye-balls out of their sockets. The first Transformers Blu-ray effort was a beautiful picture but a pretty lame Blu-ray package. So I’m real curious to see what they come up with for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which despite a near universal critical pan (I kind of liked it, except for the screaming baby in my theater – no I won’t let that go!) became the biggest hit of the year. How does that happen when everyone claims they despised the movie. There’s a disconnect there.  And you know the Blu-ray/DVD will also most likely smash records. The enter site european history research papers https://willcoxwinecountry.org/linkedin/single-sample-hypothesis-testing/47/ https://homemods.org/usc/essays-on-george-washington/46/ cae essay technology lamotrigine and cipro ordering essays enter site go to link cost for viagra without insurance 283 source site 1000 maneras morir viagra https://familyfeastandferia.com/reviews/essays-about-truth/94/ https://norfolkspca.com/medservice/can-you-cut-seroquel-pills/14/ ib extended essay geography viagra music mp3 is synthroid fda approved a journey by train essay for kids 25mg sildenafil daily relationship thesis statement enter https://moorelifeurgentcare.com/edtreatment/levitra-czy-viagra/84/ https://samponline.org/blacklives/ap-european-history-essay-rubrics/27/ benvolio mercutio essay https://www.arvadachamber.org/verified/database-of-african-theses-and-dissertations/49/ where i can buy viagra in uk essay competition 2012 india prednisone used to treat https://www.carrollkennelclub.org/phrasing/mla-style-example-essay/6/ https://www.aestheticscienceinstitute.edu/medical/crestor-side-effects-fda/100/ https://sfiec.edu/pdf/?docx=consumer-decision-making-process-thesis TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray and DVD debut will be supported by one of the largest marketing and promotional campaigns in Paramount Home Entertainment’s history.  In addition to a multi-million dollar advertising blitz spanning television, print, radio and online, a stellar array of partners has joined forces with the studio to ensure that the AUTOBOTS’ message is transmitted to all of the Earth’s inhabitants.
Enough of my musings, the full press release is after the break.

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BLU-RAY NEWS: Star Trek comes to Blu-ray/DVD, November 17

Star Trek Blu-ray

This summer’s Star Trek Movie is coming to Blu-ray and DVD, November 17, 2009. The STAR TREK DVD and Blu-ray will boast out-of-this-world special features to take viewers even further into the new universe of the rousing space adventure.  The two-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray include in-depth explorations of the reimagining of the franchise, the phenomenal cast, the spectacularly real action sequences, the powerful score and the captivating aliens, commentary by J.J. Abrams, the writers and producers, a gag reel and a digital copy of the film.  Additionally, the discs feature compelling deleted scenes that reveal a side story involving Nero with a first-ever look at Abrams’ version of the infamous warrior Klingons.

The STAR TREK Blu-ray boldly ventures beyond the final frontier with over three hours of sensational bonus footage including branching pods that allow for enhanced exploration, more fascinating features on the starships, planets, props, costumes and sound of STAR TREK, as well as a Starfleet Vessel Simulator and access to the latest NASA news about real-life space exploration via BD-Live.

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MOVIE REVIEWS: Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Prince, The Magic is Gone! Michelle Vents her Spleen!!


I’m assuming people reading this review have read the books – so there will be SPOILERS!

I don’t know what to say about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as a movie it’s a competent, highly watchable and pretty good movie. The problem is the film doesn’t exist in a vacuum – even if you ignore the books, within the context of the film Universe, I think HP-HBP fails.  This movie is 2 ½ hours of nothing-substantial happening.  But as a fan of the book series, a lot of the choices made here were maddening.  The problem with watching the direction the films have gone is the knowledge that I have read all the books, so while watching the movies I’m enjoying them waiting for certain events to unfold then when the movie ends I’m left wondering what the heck just happened. This is why I hated Order of the Phoenix, I think that movie and this movie relies more on you having read the books than any of the other Harry Potter films.

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MOVIE REVIEW: By The Hoary Hosts of Hogwarts! It’s Great!

How good is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? When the movie ended, I still had a third of my drink [the large one] left. That’s happened maybe half-a-dozen times over the last decade, so it’s a pretty good indicator of how engrossed I was in the film.

Dining Room

Steve Kloves has once again divined the essence of the novel and taken the key events and played to them, while adding and subtracting as he saw fit. The result is a film that is nowhere near being a slavish adaptation, yet remains completely faithful to the spirit of the source material.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wingardium Leviosa – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Soars to New Heights

hP6 1

It’s so hard to believe that it was only eight years ago that we were introduced to the world of Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling produce a series of books about a young boy who realizes that his destiny was to become a wizard. So, we followed Harry Potter to a school of magic known as Hogwarts. He has finally found a place to find it and expand his horizons. With the help of his best friends, Hermione Granger & Ronald Weasley, Harry has battled Draco Malfoy, dragons, basilisks, and adolescent through five movies to date. Now, Harry and his gang must battle his latest enemy to date.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Public Enemies, Michelle finally gets around to seeing it!


So far this summer movie season is turning out to be one massive crop of bland, dud. Of course I knew this going into the summer when I wrote a post a few months ago listing the 10 summer movies that I had absolutely no interest in seeing, in that post I also mentioned a movie that could not possibly fail. I mean this movie had an amazing trailer, great cast, great director, cool story, how could it possibly get messed up? Well somehow Public Enemies screwed up. It’s one of those films I watch thinking to myself, “yeah, I like it but why don’t I love this?" It’s a beautiful looking movie, with a gorgeous cast, I mean, really, it has Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard.

The problem with Public Enemies and almost all of Director/Producer Michael Mann productions is that they are always all flash and style, but have very little substance behind them, from Miami Vice (The TV Show and Movie) to Heat to this. You can watch his stuff and be wowed by how visually beautiful and colorful everything is but then there’s not much else there. Never once did I believe that this 40’s era tale truly existed in the "real" world. Everything – the cars, the streets, the buildings, the actors all looked too clean and shiny. Even the Prison looked like you could eat food off the floor.

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MOVIE NEWS: Transformers Kills at the Box Office, Screaming Babies be darn!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Screaming babies and bad scripts be darned. People like to see Robots fighting. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen took in $112 million in the sequel’s first weekend and $201.2 million since opening Wednesday, according to Sunday estimates from Paramount, which is distributing the DreamWorks movie. Now playing in almost every other country except India, the movie added $185.8 million overseas, for a worldwide total of $387 million. That’s well over half the $708 million global total for the first Transformers. Darn you people, don’t you know this means a third one is now guaranteed!?

MOVIE REVIEW: The Correct Title should be Transformers: Overkill of the Fallen


Words cannot describe the horrors that was witnessed while watching the latest film from Director Michael Bay. Normally, one would expect to see a great summer blockbuster and a great sequel to boot. Unfortunately, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen fails to impress summer movie audience. With its six acts within two plus hours of boring dialogue, the Bay cliche of blow everything to sky high attitude, emotionless characters, and some twin robots that make you do a double take. The film doesn’t make me go WOW! It makes go HOW LOW can you go.

To cut a long story short. The Autobots have spent the last two years working side by side with the US military to track down remaining Decepticon forces that got away after Megatron was killed in the last movie. But an increased number of Decepticon attacks, plus an ominous warning, has Optimous Prime and the military worried about a coming invasion. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky (Shia Lebeouf) is off to college, but he immediately stumbles upon a lost sliver of the ‘AllSpark.’ Contact with the artifact causes a flood of Earth and Cybertron knowledge into his head, once again making Sam a target for the Decepticons.

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MOVIE NEWS: New G.I. Joe Trailer!

The more I see of it, the more I’m strongly disliking the new G.I. Joe movie. I just can’t stand these stupid, cheesy looking Super Suits they are wearing. They look more ridiculous when they are going up against normal, non-suit wearing Cobra folks and still getting their butts handed to them. I do like the vehicles and it feels kind of right – if not for the suits, this could be really, really good. But somehow I doubt it.