Mira Sorvino chats about BBC’s Intruders

Mira  Sorvino Intruders screenshot 2 9-25-14

Amy Whalen is a lawyer and devoted wife of former LAPD cop turned writer Jack Whalen. When they relocate to rural Washington state to restart a new life, suddenly life takes a turn for the worst.  With Amy’s sudden disappearances and erratic behavior, not only is her marriage in danger, but something even deeper — her soul.  Jack must search for the key to the paranormal forces behind the “new Amy” before it is too late.

Mira Sorvino Intruder screenshot 1 9-25-14

I caught up with Oscar Award winner Mira Sorvino(“Mighty Aphrodite”, “Norma Jean And Marilyn, “Human Trafficking”) during a roundtable interview to talk about her new show.   Mira talks about her first series regular role on a tv show, speaking different languages as Amy, and playing a character darker than her previous roles.  Check out Mira’s interview on  “Intruders”!


Mira Sorvino Intruders - 9-25-14

As Mira  notes, “You will be left with more questions than answers.” Intrigued and full of questions about what happens to Amy Whalen?  You can catch  “Intruders” at 10/9c every Saturday on BBC America!

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Courtesy of BBC America