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Starz Gets New Version of Torchwood!


Who cares about the new iPhone when Starz just announced they are getting the new version (This is a co-production between Starz, BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide, and BBC Worldwide ) of Torchwood in 2011! Ten episodes have been ordered and John Barrowman (Capt. Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen) are returning to lead the new cast. The official press release is after the break.


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TELEVISION: Torchwood: Children of Earth – 5-Day Arc Will “Rip Your Guts Out!”

Torchwood: Children of Earth [BBC America, Monday through Friday, 9-10:15/10:00-11:15C] is a mini-series event that in the words of creator/co-writer Russell T. Davies, “will rip your guts out!” He is not kidding; this is not hyperbole. Children of Earth is as powerful a television event as you’ll see all year.


It begins with the children of the world stopping. Whether they’re walking to school; eating a bit of brekkie, or playing in the park, they all simply stop. Then they scream – in unison; around the world. FInally, they repeat the ominous message, “We are coming.” Then they start up again. Hours later, the pattern repeats. Each time the children stop, the message changes, slightly – from “We are coming,” to “We are coming… back!” and so on.

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Here are some new tidbits from the folks at TV.com

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CONTEST: Win a copy of the new Torchwood Yearbook!

Torchwood Yearbook Contest

Ok, for some reason I know a lot of you folks love Torchwood. Torchwood is the action-packed, adrenaline-fueled sci-fi series from the BBC, following the adventures of a team of investigators, working for the secret organization Torchwood, who use scavenged alien technology in a struggle to contain the mysterious and deadly challenges thrown at them through a space/time continuum Rift. The team, led by the enigmatic, ever-watchful Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, reprising his Doctor Who role in this spin-off from the legendary series), is separate from the government, outside the police and beyond the United Nations. Torchwood: The Official Magazine Yearbook (Titan Books) is a full-color official tie-in to the much-loved and top-rated show. Compiling the cream of the content from the Torchwood Official Magazine, with behind-the-scenes secrets from the Hub, cast and crew interviews and a series two episode guide, this hardback volume also contains five exclusive new Torchwood short stories to immerse readers in the world of the show, penned by the likes of Torchwood scriptwriter Joseph Lidster, Steven Savile (author of Titan’s Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar) and Doctor Who novelists Andy Lane. We have five copies of this book to give away, the contest will run August 14 to August 25th.  On the 25th send an email to contests@eclipsemagazine.com with the subject – TORCHWOOD CONTEST, and your UserID and full name.  To qualify to win, leave a comment. Please follow the rules, I get really cranky and annoyed when people send emails that don’t contain all the required information.


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Comic Con News: Torchwood Returns for 3rd Season

John Barrowman at the 2008 San Diego Com Con
John Barrowman at the 2008 San Diego Com Con

BBC AMERICA has announced the acquisition of the highly anticipated season three of its hit sci-fi series, Torchwood. The highest rating show in the history of BBC AMERICA will return to the channel with five all-new episodes in 2009.

Led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), the Torchwood team are separate from the government, outside the police and beyond the United Nations.  Torchwood sets its own rules, delving into the unknown and fighting the impossible.

The award-winning show, which received huge critical acclaim for season one and two, will premiere on BBC AMERICA shortly after the UK premiere. 

 Richard De Croce, Senior Vice President, Programming, BBC Worldwide America said,  “Captain Jack is coming back to BBC America and we can’t wait! Torchwood really represents the essence of the channel – it’s sexy, action packed and a little bit subversive. Clearly our viewers love it as much as we do.”

Eclipse Magazine readers love Torchwood as well which is why we will be bringing them an exclusive interview with Captain Jack Harkness himself; British actor John Barrowman in the days ahead. The interview, which was arranged through Holtzheimer’s at the San Diego Comic Con will be coming online at Eclipse Magazine very shortly, so keep your internet connections tuned to us for this and another exciting exclusive Torchwood interviews.

INTERVIEW: All About Eve, a talk with Torchwood star, Eve Myles

                                Eve Myles


“It’s always emotional to say goodbye to people.”

Most of the time, Eve Myles, Torchwood‘s no-nonsense Gwen Cooper, bounds around like an over-excited puppy. On stage at the Rift Convention, she overcomes her apprehension at facing her first convention appearance by regaling fans with tales from the set of Torchwood that quickly have the audience in the palm of her hand. But, as she tells Carole Gordon in a quiet moment later in the day, filming Torchwood was not all fun and games. Losing two of the characters from the show at the end of the second series, people who had over the course of filming become and remain her good friends, was a deeply emotional experience – and one that will continue to affect both her and Gwen.

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The Tellybox: What’s Hot, Hot, Hot in the UK: Torchwood’s Second Series Triumphs

Torchwood team 2

The Easter eggs were all lined up, sitting there, temptingly available. How could I resist indulging in the sweet, intense, dramatic flavours? Episodes 10, 11 and 12 of Torchwood’s second series have all aired in the past three days on BBC2 and BBC3, leaving me with the feeling that, as with the Easter eggs, I should have waited, should have savoured this big box of goodies, rather than devouring them because they were on offer. Maybe I should just have given up Torchwood for Lent, but I’ve never had that much will-power.

This year, Torchwood has almost been a different show. A much much better show than it was in its first series (though the first year’s highs, such as Small Worlds and Captain Jack Harkness, are right up there with the best of them). It can still be annoyingly variable in tone, occasionally inconsistent in writing quality and some of the CGI has demanded a greater than average suspension of disbelief. But overall the improvement in stories, in pace, in drama, in intensity, in emotional connection has been astonishing. The team are finally behaving like a coherent group who actually like each other and are competent and professional (in other words, they didn’t shoot each other or kill the boss). Also helping the mix is Jack’s happier persona, much more the Doctor Who Jack after finding his “right kind of doctor”, which brings a lighter feel to the show, and frees Jack to pursue a very hot and very sweet relationship with Ianto. All-in-all, Torchwood‘s second outing has put it in the “must-see TV” category, with ratings figures that reflect this success.

The range of storylines has been amazing, as befits a science fiction show with the entire rift at its disposal and a flexible format that allows for both the ultra-dark and ultra-daft. From life- and death-changing experiences such as Gwen’s marriage and Owen’s zombification to alien whales and memory-stealing, the Torchwood writers have not shied away from the bold such as From Out of the Rain, which was more atmosphere than plot, or the hilarious, such as Gwen waking up nine months pregnant on the morning of her wedding.

Where the writers have also scored this year has been in the “adult” content, both in language and actions, which have felt much more seamlessly integrated into the stories and far less gratuitous.

Episode 12 saw the long-awaited backstory of how Jack took over Torchwood 3 and put the team together, taking the viewer from Victorian England and the kick-ass women of the early days of the organisation to a nightmarish Guantanamo-like UNIT facility that was almost Toshiko’s permanent home. And the cliffhanger leading to the last episode – Captain John reappearing to threaten Jack and cruelly tease him with images of his missing brother – was inspired, making “Fragments” possibly the best episode yet.

Keeping us on tenterhooks until 4 April for Torchwood’s series finale (Exit Wounds) is harsh. The BBC got us hooked on the endorphin-enhancing delight that is this show and are now playing the tease by keeping that last Easter egg – the Belgian chocolate one with the icing – just out of reach. Judging from what has gone before, it will be well worth the wait.

Torchwood airs on BBC2 on Fridays at 9.00pm and on BBC America on Saturdays at 9.00pm EST.




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