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Television: Terriers Gets Sent to the Cancellation Kennel – Lie To Me Gets Capped at 13 Episodes

  FX has sent it’s fledging series Terriers to the cancellation Kennel. The quirky series, which averaged about 500,000 viewers per episode, starred Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as two best friends who take on the sometimes dangerous role of unlicensed private investigators in San Diego County. The series, which was created by Ted Griffin […]

Terriers is a Scrappy P.I. Series That Feels Like The Rockford Files as Written by Chandler or Hammett!

This week, FX is premiering its new private eyes series, Terriers [Wednesdays, 10/9C]. It’s a kind of soft-boiled detective drama that revolves around Hank Dolworth [Donal Logue, The Tai of Steve, Life] and Britt Pollock [Michael Raymond-James, True Blood], a odd couple of P.I.s – Hank’s an ex-cop [not by choice] and Britt’s an ex-thief […]