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2014 Movies: The Not-So-Fabulous Fifteen Bottom Feeders!


2014 might not have been the best in terms of box office grosses or bums in seats, but there were a lot of really great movies across every genre.

These are not them. These are the fifteen movies that had me wanted my ninety-to-a-hundred-and-forty minutes back. A few did big box office; a few got many terrific reviews; most appalled all who saw them. I doubt any careers were ended by any of them, though some probably should have been.

Without any further ado, follow the jump for my least favorite films of 2014. Enjoy (if that’s the right word)…

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Kit Harington Talks to Michelle about Pompeii and Game of Thrones!


A few years ago I had a chance to talk with Kit Harington for Silent Hill, at the time I’ll admit I did not recognize him from Game of Thrones – he looks really different out of his John Snow garb! Last week I had a chance to redeem myself and participated in a fun roundtable interview with him. He was definitely more relaxed and jovial this time around than when I first interviewed him.  Joining me for the discussion are my fellow film buds John Hanlon of JohnHanlonReviews.com and the Cinema Siren herself Leslie Combemale of Cinemasiren.com & Patch.com. I think the headline here is he doesn’t understand what drives Internet Haters, he doesn’t do social networking and he remembered me!

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Volcanic Trailer: Pompeii!

01 - Caitlin Cronenberg

Paul W.S. Anderson has done the zombie apocalypse (Resident Evil); he’s done evil aliens (Alien Vs. Predator) and he’s done historical fantasy (The Three Musketeers). Now he’s doing historical disaster with the epic, Pompeii – starring Game of thrones’ Kit Harington – the trailer for which is volcanic to say the least.

Check it out after the jump. Pompeii will be in theaters on February 21, 2014.

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