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What ARE Those Big Bad Leviathans Wearing on Supernatural These Days!


Since the hit CW Network action series, Supernatural has entered it’s seventh season, The Leviathans have given Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester a bigger, even more dangerous enemy to battle than the brothers have faced before. These evil creatures from purgatory make Lucifer look like a choir boy in comparison!

In nerxt week’s new episode of Supernatural, titled ‘Slash Fiction’ (directed by John Showalter and written by Robbie Thompson), two of the Leviathans prove that just because you are a bloodthirsty monster out to destroy the human race doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate wearing the finest in hot looking male fashion. Which is why these two savvy dressers are wearing this season’s coveted ‘Winchester look’ and we aren’t just talking clothes here!

The two Leviathans clone the brothers Winchester; taking on their whole look from sexy head to toe.  Unfortunately for the real Sam and Dean, this is more than just a fashion statement for their Leviathan look a likes; it’s a all out fashion war that puts the ‘Winchester Look” on the FBI’s most wanted list because the Leviathans, dressed in this height of hot looking male fashion, have gone on a killing spree.  Now, everyone wants the originals because who could believe that ‘knock offs’ could look so perfect. Which means Sam and Dean Winchester have become the subject of a nationwide manhunt and need to drop off the grid and hide out untill they can figure out how to get rid of the Leviathan copycats who are using the ‘Winchester look” for their own nefarious purposes!

Check out the images provided by the CW Network to see more of the Leviathans wearing the hottest look in male fashions and tell us if you think they pull it off as well as the originals do. Oh and the always fashionable Crowley(Mark Sheppard) has his own agenda with the Leviathans, so check him out too.

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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Television: Supernatural: A Look Back At S6.04 Weekend At Bobby’s & A Sneak Peek Look At S6.05 Live Free or Twi-Hard


Supernatural, which stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the monster hunting- demon fighting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, is doing very well on Friday nights much to the relief of fans and viewers. Especially those who had a bad feeling about moving the hit CW Network action series from its standard Thursday night timeslot. The series is doing so well in fact, that TV By The Numbers has it listed in their ‘probable for renewal’ column and says they feel that the CW Network would be nuts not to renew Supernatural for a seventh season.

It wasn’t just the switch to Friday nights that had both fans and viewers wondering how well the long running action series would do. The majority were wondering, with good reason, about where the writers and the new show runner Sera Gamble was going to go with storylines after dealing with something as big as the apocalyptic battle between heaven and hell that was culmination of 5 years of story arc for Sam and Dean. Gamble and the writers decided it was time to go back to the roots of season one and two of Supernatural when it was more about monsters. From there, they are building their storylines out and making them fresh by adding in new twists and turns. So far, as a long time viewer of Supernatural, I am liking the storylines over all and am enjoying the new twists they are adding in with the introduction of ‘Alphas’ and with the civil wars going on both in heaven and hell. I like the interactions between the brothers and the new tensions and intrigues going on with them.

However, the characters and the storylines aren’t the only things involved with Supernatural that are going in new directions based on familiar territory. Last Friday night at 9PM 2.844 million viewers tuned into watch S6.04 Weekend At Bobby’s and the Directorial debut of Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Leverage: A Little Mission: Impossible; A Little Robin Hood!

After sitting through the first four episodes of TNT’s new series Leverage [premieres Sunday, 10/9C, then moves to Tuesday, 10/9C] – one of the easiest assignments of my career, it occurred to me that TNT’s motto could be modified to read, “We Know Dramedy.” Leverage, like its fellow TNT shows The Closer, Saving Grace and Raising the Bar, does have its moments of drama – but like those other show [okay, excepting Raising the Bar], it makes frequent use of wit, charm and humor.

Cast 3

Former insurance investigator Nathan Ford [Timothy Hutton] put has a team put together to steal a supposedly stolen set of plan for a new aircraft on the series premiere, The Nigerian Job. Part of the reason he takes the job is because that insurance company, for which he saved untold millions of dollars in claims, refused his son’s medical treatment and the boy died.

The other four members of the team – grafter Sophie Deveraux [Gina Bellman – Coupling], retrieval specialist Eliot Spencer [Christian Kane – Into the West, Angel], cat burglar Parker [Beth Riesgraf] and hi-tech thief Alec Hardison [Aldis Hodge – Friday Night Lights] – aren’t especially interested in doing the right thing. For them, the money is where it’s at.

Leverage is smart, showing its influences without losing its own identity. One of the keys to its success is that Ford puts together his team from thieves he’s taken on in his old job. As the team leader and token “honest man,” Hutton takes the still grief-stricken Ford and gives him enough dramatic weight that he anchors the show as well as the team.

The rest of the cast fills out their roles in various idiosyncratic ways – all of which work, because series creators John Rogers [Transformers, Global Frequency] and Chris Downey [The King of Queens] have written them with a depth that is striking. There are also twists on the standard caper personalities, the biggest of which is that, whereas the “crazy” member of the team is usually a guy, here it’s beautiful, blonde Parker. That’s only one of many variations of the usual themes that sets Leverage apart – in a good way.

Over the first four eps, the team will steal top secret plans; save a church; tackle the ownership of a thoroughbred and deal with a Blackwater-type mercenary company. In each case, the caper is different – especially when the man who moved into Ford’s old office [played by Mark A. Sheppard, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica] appears on one of their cases!

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