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Meet The Grim Reaper Trailer: Death Wish!

Dr. Paul Kersey is a surgeon. Saving lives is his job – until home invaders attack his wife and daughter. Now Dr. Kersey saves lives by day while searching for the men who attacked his family.

The press dub him the Grim Reaper.

Eli Roth’s reimagining of the classic revenge thriller was written by Joe Carnahan and stars Bruce Willis. It opens on November 22nd.

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NBC’s The Blacklist Is Terrific!


In The Blacklist (NBC, Mondays, 10/9C), a rogue FBI agent walks into FBI headquarters. He offers to help capture criminals – politicians, mobsters, terrorists, all kinds of bad guys – who are so successful the authorities don’t even know they exist. The catch? He will only talk to one person, a young agent who is just about to start her first day as a profiler. It is the fall’s best new drama in part because it riffs on things we’ve seen before, making them fresh, and partly because the cast in so perfect.

Also, James Spader plays Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, the rogue agent, and he is having way too much fun!

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