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We Have a Small Problem…The Cigarette Smoking Man is Back!


Don’t miss an All-New THE X-FILES Promo in GOTHAM TONIGHT @8/7c.

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“The X-Files” Invaded New York Comic Con!


U.S. premiere of the first new episode helf for a standing-room-only crowd at the Javits Center followed by an Exclusive Q&A Panel with series creator and Executive Producer Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi.

Panel hosted by Avid “X” – Fan and “The X-Files” guest star Kumail Nanjiani! Highlights include why the time was perfect to bring back “The X-Files”, the status of Mulder and Scully’s relationship and David and Mitch talk playing Mulder and Skinner again.

Panel videos after the jump!

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New The X-Files Promo: Are We Truly Alone…Or Are We Being Lied To?!

The two-night season premiere of THE X-FILES Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, 10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT following the NFC championship game Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT.


NBC Renews Aquarius!

AQUARIUS -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Grey Damon as Shafe, David Duchovny as Hodiak -- (Photo by: Jim Fiscus/NBC)
AQUARIUS — Season: 1 — Pictured: (l-r) Grey Damon as Shafe, David Duchovny as Hodiak — (Photo by: Jim Fiscus/NBC)

The David Duchovny sixties drama Aquarius has been given a second order by NBC.

The series was the subject of a programming experiment by NBC – after the series premiere aired on the network, the full thirteen-episode season was made available online for one month.

Between those who binge-watched the entire series online and those who watched it unfold in the usual weekly manner, Aquarius impressed the network programmers enough to warrant a second season. For more, follow the jump.

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NBC To Make Complete Aquarius Series Available Online!

AQUARIUS -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Grey Damon as Shafe, David Duchovny as Hodiak -- (Photo by: Jim Fiscus/NBC)
AQUARIUS — Season: 1 — Pictured: (l-r) Grey Damon as Shafe, David Duchovny as Hodiak — (Photo by: Jim Fiscus/NBC)

Fir the first time, a major network is trying the digital model on for size. Following its two-hour premiere on NBC, the network will offer all thirteen episodes of David Duchovny’s new series, Aquarius, available online.

Aquarius is the story of an old school homicide detective (Duchovny) and the young undercover cop (Grey Damon) whose search for a missing girl leads them into the path of Charles Manson.

Aquarius premieres on NBC on May 28th. The show’s thirteen episodes will then be available online at NBC.com and on the NBC app for four weeks – while the show’s episodes are released weekly on the network. For more, follow the jump.

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The X-Files Are Back!

X-Files - Mulder & Scully

For X-Files fans, it’s lucky 13! The X-Files is returning to FOX after that long – with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their roles as Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in six new adventures by series creator Chris Carter.

“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” said Carter. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

For more, follow the jump.

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NBC Orders Event Series for David Duchovny!


Well, we now know what David Duchovny is doing after Californication. NBC has ordered Aquarius, a thirteen-episode vehicle for Duchovny, who will play a police sergeant with a complicated personal life in late 1960s. He and his young partner are tracking a ‘small-time criminal and budding cult leader’ – who turns out to be Charles Manson!

Check out the press release, after the jump, for more details.

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The Joneses: Scathing Satire Loses to Hollywood Ending!


Steve and Kate Jones are a happily married couple with two perfect teenaged children, Jenn and Mick. When they move into the neighborhood, their exquisite taste in clothes, furniture, electronics and automobiles – not to mention golf clubs, videogames and food – are soon the envy of all their neighbors. But The Joneses isn’t just a movie about rich neighbors with all the newest and best toys.

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MOVIE REVIEW: X-Files: I Want to Believe this is a Good Movie. Michelle’s take.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe
The X-Files: I Want to Believe

I’m not sure how to describe the type of X-Files fan that I am. The first episode that I remember watching was Anasazi and being blown away. After that I was completely hooked on the show. But the only episodes that I really loved were the Myth episodes. They added depth to Mulder and Scully and a lot happened in those eps. Then after everything that happens, I’d have to slog through 4 or 5 weeks worth of Monster of the Week episodes that sucked the life out of the series. They always felt out of context and there was always this elephant in the room that they wouldn’t acknowledge.  This movie feels exactly like that. Ten years too late, out of season (this is a Winter film, not summer) and sort of perfunctory.

There’s a reason Writer/Director/Creator Chris Carter kept such tight wraps on the story and thus hampered the marketing campaign.  The story is trite, it contains none of the surprises or thrills that the secrecy would lead you to believe are there. The story is actually pretty mundane.

When we last left our heroes Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) were on the run from the Government after Mulder was framed and convicted of murdering a federal Agent.  Six years later, they are still wanted – but not. It appears the FBI just stopped caring. Scully has finally become a Doctor and Mulder is a recluse. When an agent goes missing the Agent In Charge, ASAC Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) offers Scully and Mulder complete amnesty if Mulder helps. This entire beginning is typical MOTW crap.

After everything that happened at the end of the series, we’re supposed to buy that the government just stopped caring. They are wanted criminals, but aren’t exactly hiding. And the govt. does nothing? This film would have worked better if they were hiding and the FBI had to really work to track them down because this case was vital to the country or FBI.  Or deeply personal to a major official, like the kidnapping of The President’s daughter. While tragic and difficult, this case seems too small to warrant bringing Mulder in and forgiving him his past sins. Not just showing up at Scully’s job one day and asking “Do you know how to get in touch with Mulder?” Remember; when we last saw them they gave up EVERYTHING to go on the run.

The movie looks and feels like a cheaply produced episode – not even movie of the week quality. And that’s a shame because one of the things that separated X-Files from any other television show was its high quality production values and unique visual style. Sure they only had $30 million to work with, but they had far better results on TV with far less. This movie showcases almost none of that.  If this were any other movie other than a X-Files film, I would have hated it – or maybe I would have liked it more.  But its saving grace is, that, while, muted, it still feels like the X-Files.

Mulder and Scully still hold your attention, all the little moments that you love from the TV show are there, like the music, Mulder dropping his phone, Scully’s long suffering sigh and her looks that say “You can’t possibly be serious.”  Scully is still one of the most kick ass characters in TV history.  There’s not enough of Mulder’s dry wit.  I sincerely hope this weak installment doesn’t prevent them from giving fans an X-Files film that we deserve. One that wraps up the entire show in a slam bang fashion.

Final Grade C+

EM Review
By Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted

MOVIE REVIEW: The X-Files: I Wanted To Believe!

As an X-Phile who sat through every single episode of the The X-Files [yup, all nine seasons and the first movie], I have to say that it was disheartening to see a mere eighteen people in the theater for the first matinee of The X-Files: I Want To Believe. What was even more disheartening was watching the film unfold to pretty much stony silence from the assembled [I’d hardly call it a crowd].

You don’t need to have watched the television program to understand what’s going on in I Want to Believe, but it certainly helps when it comes to some of the inside jokes and character moments. Even a non-X-Phile can follow the plot – which revolves around a specific urban legend – and the relationship between former FBI agents Fox Mulder [David Duchovny] and Dr. Dana Scully [Gillian Anderson] is apparent even to the uninitiated [though some of their exchanges might not have the same impact for those new to the X-Files experience].

Mulder and Scully

Duchovny and Anderson slip back into their roles so well, it’s like they’ve always been there and there are pleasantly surprising performances from newcomers to the X-Files, Xzibit [as a sceptical FBI Agent who seems like a Skinner-in-training, but without the people skills] and Billy Connolly as a psychic pedophile ex-priest. Amanda Peet, as Agent-in-Charge Dakota Whitney, is merely adequate. Callum Keith Rennie, as the primary villain, brings a suitable menace to his performance.

Unfortunately, the plot is pretty average – to the point where the B-plot [Scully’s efforts to save the life of a boy with a deadly brain disease] is actually more involving. On the plus side, series creator Chris Carter – who co-wrote the script with Frank Spotnitz – does a good job of creating the murky, atmospheric feel that made the series unique to the proceedings. That compensates for many of the film’s flaws.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe is an adequate way to kill a couple of hours, but it’s not likely to spawn the kind of fervent glee that the best episodes of the series generated. I fear this will be the last new X-Files adventure/investigation. Pity… [Please note, stay through the credits and you’ll see a glimpse of Mulder and Scully that is particularly memorable for Scully fans – two words: black bikini.]

Final Grade: C+