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Supernatural Returns with Eerie Look at Things to Come

As if the wait over winter hiatus hasn’t been bad enough, an eerie new promo giving a glimpse of highlights for the second half of the season makes the wait for tonight’s return of Supernatural almost unbearable (The CW, 9pm).  The promo titled simply “Keep Grinding” features scary new creatures, some seemingly uncomfortable alliances, and upcoming events that make us fear for the Winchester brothers and even more so for their wayward angel, Castiel. Perhaps we can just keep hitting the replay button to make the hours pass faster until this evening!


Supernatural: Bone Key; Ten (or so) questions with author Keith R.A. DeCandido


Fans of the CW’s hit series SUPERNATURAL must have thought they were the latest victims of The Twilight Zone since good news concerning this gem isn’t usually easy to come by. After all, the little-show-that-could seems to have worse luck than its own Winchester brothers when it comes to competition and media exposure. The CW unleashed some of that infamous bad luck when it decided to juggle its shows during the writer’s strike. It unveiled a schedule that would be entirely void of the series from the time it aired its last pre-strike episode on February 28 until its post-strike return on April 24. Fans reacted with a barrage of postcards, e-mails, and letters asking “Where’s Supernatural?” making one wonder exactly how much this affected the decision to return the show to the schedule a month earlier than expected.

And if that wasn’t enough to give fans hope, The CW did the unthinkable when it announced renewal for Season 4, a full two months ahead of the May Upfronts, where all networks outline their Fall plans. Adding further icing to this cake of exhilaration, Amazon posted a planned release date for the third Supernatural tie-in novel, “Bone Key”. In light of all the good news, fans were indeed busy pinching themselves to verify they weren’t dreaming.

We recently caught up with author Keith R.A. DeCandido, who has already made his mark in media universes such as Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, World of Warcraft, Spider-man and Resident Evil, to name a few. The first Supernatural novel, ”Nevermore”, crafted a two-in-one adventure for demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. In the story, the brothers visit a friend in the Bronx to rid him of a house ghost, while also investigating a killer basing his gruesome crimes on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Following the success of “Nevermore”, Keith has been working on the new Supernatural novel, “Bone Key.” The announcement of a fourth season has certainly given Keith a reason to celebrate as it will assist the novel in sales — after all, it is much easier to promote a tie-in novel for an existing series than a canceled one.

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