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Royal Pains: Stuck in Traffic?


Season three of Royal Pains [USA, Wednesdays, 9/8C] returns, this week, with an episode called Traffic – appropriate not just for a traffic accident and a diagnosis that involves a woman who was stuck in traffic for five hours, but also for the ongoing events in the lives of the show’s main characters.

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INTERVIEW: Christine Ebersole Talks About Her New Role on Royal Pains


Recently I had the destinct pleasure of chatting with Broadway legend and all around spectacular performer Christine Ebersole to discuss her lates endevor on USA’s new original series “Royal Pains”, premiereing this Thursday June 4th at 10/9c.

EclipseMagazine: So, we’ll just start with talking about your character, a little bit about your character.

Christine Ebersole: My character, does anybody know my character’s first name?

EM: I don’t think we have a first name yet.

CE: Isn’t that fantastic! My character doesn’t have a first name. It’s just Mrs. Newberg.

EM: Maybe she’s never known it.

CE: Isn’t that great? Yeah, I think it’s like—it’s like Mr. Big, right?

EM: Yes.

CE: Fantastic! It could just be any number of possibilities. So, what did you ask me?

EM: Just to talk about your character a little bit.

CE: Yes, it’s Mrs. Newberg, and I’m very rich and live in the Hamptons, probably just for the summer. I have other residences, but they’re somewhat—some of them are undisclosed at this point. So, I have a house in the Hamptons in the summertime, and I’m a grandmother of a 22-year-old. That’s showbiz. Yeah, I’m a grandmother of a 22-year-old. And you know, in the first episode—did you see it? Did everybody see it?

EM: Yeah.

CE: Was it good?

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