Hollywood loves technology at The Luxury Technology Show

The Luxury Technology Show opening 10-16-14

Hollywood loves technology.  From “Star Wars” to “Back To The Future” and beyond, the push for bigger and better never ends.  So why not bring the future from the silver screen to reality?

The Luxury Technology Show, produced by RAND Luxury, made its premiere from 4pm-9m last night at The Petersen Automotive Museum in LA.  RAND is known for launching Evening of Luxury events for the affluent lifestyle.  It has launched the newest innovations from Lamborghini, Leica, Rolls-Royce, SONY, Aston Martin, Bentley, Hasselblad, Giorgio Armani and Montegrappa.    Last night was no exception.  

The Luxury Technology Show  10-16-14

Being the never-ending science geek with a fascination for technology,  I visited The Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills last night to check out the latest in what our future holds.  The event featured the latest innovations in home & business electronics, health & wellness, high-end appliances, mobile devices, accessories, automotive, and more.

As expected by a high end invitation-only event such as this, signature cocktails and exquisite cuisine was served amidst a live band.  Guests were greeted with a glass of bubbly champagne as they stepped onto the show floor.  Live demonstrations wowed its guests in a showroom that boasted of 24K gold iphone cases, printers that print objects in 3D, and water machines that dispense water using moisture from the air. And if you’re in the market for a yacht or fancy car, this was the event for you.

Untapped Water Systems LTS 10-15-14

Water anyone? If you live in a high moisture environment like LA, use this machine to trap water from the air, kill the bacteria with its UV light ways, and have a cold or hot glass of water. It also doubles as a humidifier!

Untapped Water Systems portable LTS 10-15-14

If you’re out and about without your special machine above, there’s always the portable way to get clean water. Once again, UV light does wonders in less than 2 minutes.

Brikk LTS Designs 10-15-14Brikk 2 LTS 10-15-14

You must never leave home without your 24 karat gold iphone case.  After all, your iphone is your friend and constant partner.  Why not dress it with the best?

Waterfall audio LTS 10-15-14

You must not only have great sound in your posh Beverly Hills home, but it HAS to look smashing with your European furniture collection…


If you want to go more small scale, why not have headphones that will give you amazing sound?

Fifty Shades Of Grey wine LTS 10-15-14

What better way to remind people of your book and upcoming movie than a bottle of wine?

Drone LTS 10-15-14

One must have ways of passing the time.  Forget flying kites.  We’re high tech.  Let’s go for drone planes!

SunBrite TV LTS 10-15-14

Panasonic LTS 10-15-14

Tv’s, tv’s, and more tv’s.  From outdoor tv’s for your balcony overlooking Malibu to indoor tv for watching that hit tv show you produced, tv’s with high def quality and impeccable sound is a must.

If you missed out on this luxurious event, no worries.  Below are links to exhibits of the night.

3DR – http://3drobotics.com

3D systems – http://www.3dsystems.com

Acton – www.ACTONglobal.com

BioSensor Laboratories – http://www.biosensorlab.com

Blue Microphones – http://www.buemic.com

BMW – http://www.bmw.com/com/en/newvehicles/i/i8/2014/showroom/index.html

BRIKK – http://www.brikk.com

Cohiba – http://cohiba.com

Crestron – http://www.crestron.com

Equil – http://www.myequil.com

Firefly – http://www.thefirefly.com/firefly-portable-vaporizer.html

Foreo – http://www.foreo.com

Fugoo – http://www.fugoo.com

iwallet – http://www.iwaletusa.com/iwallet/

Keurig – http://keurig.com

Kumba – http://www.KumbaCam.com

Let’s Celebrate – http://www.letscelebratecatering.com

Loksak – http://loksak.com/civilian

Martian – http://www.martianwatches.com

Moen – http://www.moen.com

Muse – http://interaxon.ca

Opticwash – http://www.opticwash.com

Ozobot – http://www.ozobot.com

Panasonic – http://panasonic.net

Sim2 Multimedia – http://www.sim2usa.com/home/us

Skulpt – http://www.skulpt.me

Soundcast – http://ww.gosoundcast.com

SunBriteTV – http://www.sunbritetv.com

Ultrasone – http://www.ultrasone-headphones.com/en/

UWS – http://www.uws.tm

Vutec – http://www.vutec.com

Waterfall Audio – http://www.waterfallaudio.com/index.php

Wellograph – https://welograph.com

Wider – http://www.wider-yachts.com

Woodchuck – http://woodchuckusa.com

Zero Gravity Tables – http://www.zerogravitytables.com

I end this celebration of luxury technology with a quote from Microsoft’s Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men in the world and an innovator in today’s computer world  – “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”

For more information on The Luxury Technology Show, go to the official web site below:



Courtesy of RAND