YouTube Original Shows to Compete with Cable and Satellite TV Video Productions

YouTube recently hosted an event called Brandcast, where creators and YouTube executives shared their views on the future of the video sharing platform. Over the years, YouTube had been trying to eat into the cable TV market through services like YouTube Red.

For starters, YouTube will be launching some original shows with top content producers and artists, and managing its own video production and editing. On top of that, the video company laid out many plans to help advertisers gain better exposure while supporting its content creators, producers and editors. The plans may change the face of online streaming altogether.

Kevin Hart and New Series

Kevin Hart and YouTube will create a new series. The show will be called “Kevin Hart: What The Fit” and will feature Hart as the main star. He is not the only mainstream artist to join the new YouTube effort to appeal to TV advertisers. Ryan Seacrest is co-producing a talent show called “Best Cover Ever”, a show that is also designed to attract more talent to the video streaming platform.

Other ad-supported exclusives bring top names such as Ellen DeGeneres and Demi Lovato to YouTube’s catalogue of original shows. Both artists generate a lot of views on YouTube – billions of them –through their regular channels and videos. Full-scale professional video production of ad-supported original shows will also widen that reach and help capitalize on the vast number of viewers they already have.

YouTube TV Coming Soon

YouTube also announced a new live TV service to compete directly with conventional TV stations. YouTube TV debuted a few weeks ago with a concept that will attract more subscribers. It doesn’t require cable or satellite subscriptions, but the service still allows viewers to keep up with traditional TV channels through online video streaming.

What’s interesting is the way YouTube appreciates its core video producers. Slow Mo Guys and Rhett and Link, both of whom got their start on YouTube, are being given the opportunity to manage their own shows’ video production. Other content creators like Casey Neistat spoke during the Brandcast event and revealed substantial new input, meant to further enhance the platform’s video production and streaming capabilities.

The Rise of Independent Video Production

These moves by YouTube are great news, not only for the existing mainstream, successful creators but also for independent film and videography companies, including documentary, video production and editingcompanies that are just starting out. The platform has already given so many opportunities to young creative and talent; and it will only get better. Even freelance writers and amateur talent now have better chances at launching their careers with professional video production services more affordable and widely-available to them than ever before.

Negating the recent YouTube crisis is impossible. Advertisers are pulling out of the video sharing platform due to issues with inappropriate content and bad videos. YouTube announced that they are taking a more proactive role in ensuring the safety of advertisers’ brands in terms of the videos they are associated with.

The move has impacted a lot of existing video producers who relied on drama and negativity to attract viewers for advertising money, these producers with bad credit has to resort to sites as nation 21 bad credit offers for maintaining their business, but it’s a step in the right direction for creators who are investing in quality content, whether it be informative or entertainment. If YouTube can take cable and satellite TV providers head on remains to be seen; so far, the signs hint at upcoming success for YouTube and ground shaking renovations in the television and video production industries.