Which actor is most overrated and overrexposed?

Ok, I created a separate poll for this question, but I’d like to also get some opinions and comments, because it’s been bugging me lately seeing the same 5 or 7 people in almost every GD movie. Especially when they aren’t that good to begin with. And I’m talking about

Josh Hartnett
Chris Klein
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Guy Pearce (although I kinda like

And with the prospect of seeing at least two more films this year by these over exposed actors, I want to scream. What happened to the concept of actors doing one film a year or one every couple of years, thus making their movies something to truly look forward to? Now that they are doing two, three, and even five films a year, they cease to be special films and something to truly look forward to. Just, oh lookie, there’s Josh Hartnett in his 2nd war movie in less than five months, and wow, there he is again doing a “comedy”. Or look there’s Ben Affleck playing a preppie again, yay!