VIDEO GAMES: Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare is Here!


I think the headline says it all. Every once in awhile a pop cultural phenomena happens that’s impossible to ignore. I really have nothing constructive to say about today’s release of Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare. I don’t have the game in my hot little hands yet. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, but then canceled because – hey this is why I have Gamefly. So I’ll be getting it from Gamefly in a few days, which is good because it’ll give me a couple of more days to finish Uncharted 2: Drake’s Fortune before COD sucks up my life for a few weeks. Activision is sending me a copy of the game, but they always send me games a week or two after release (all of the game companies do this since I do not have an official Review Console)  – which is why we never have release date Game Reviews. Analyst are saying that COD2 will earn $500 million clams this week. I was thinking about buying up 10 copies and giving them away on the site, but then figured everyone who wants this game probably has a copy on order. Even if you don’t like games, go to a friend’s house and watch them play. You’ll get hooked. I have no doubt that the boys at Infinity Ward are going to give us another masterpiece. If you have the game let us know what you think.