Very Early, Slightly Twisted Teaser: Game Over, Man!

Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson star in Game Over, Man! – a new action comedy film written by Anders Holm and directed by Kyle Newacheck.

It will, we are promised, take action movies to a new level when it premieres on April 20, 2018.

Game Over, Man! fires up on 4/20/18  

Taking Action Movies to a New Level!

The Netflix original film stars Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson from the hit show The Workaholics and is directed by Kyle Newacheck.

Game Over, Man! is directed by Kyle Newacheck and was written by Anders Holm.  The action comedy is produced by Scott Rudin and Eli Bush of Scott Rudin Productions, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver of Point Grey, and Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck of Mail Order Comedy.The Netflix original film will be released on April 20, 2018.