This Week HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Tackles The Biggest Issues In College Sports!

Should College Athletes Be Paid

We rarely cover sports at Eclipse, but as NCAA basketball’s Final Four approaches, there has been renewed debate in the press [and elsewhere] about the multi-billion dollar business that is college sports – and how, outside of a university education, that business is built on an unpaid workforce.

On Wednesday, March 30, at 10/9C, HBO Sports is presenting a special episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel – a one-hour special that looks at the state of today’s college sports in depth. Is the NCAA working or does the system need repair? Do today’s college basketball and football players get a fair deal? The hour features analysis and debate of hot-button issues and offers practical solutions to current problems. Plus, a roundtable discussion with the likes of Billy Packer, Rich Rodriguez, Jason Whitlock and more.

For a taste of the proceedings, check out the two videos that follow the jump.