The Original Being Human Returns For Its Final Season In July!


The original Being Human returns to BBC America for its fifth and finale season as part of the network’s Supernatural Saturday, July 13th at 10/9C. Although the cast has completely turned over since the series premiered, it’s still about a trio of supernaturals – Alex, a ghost; Tom, a werewolf, and Hal, a vampire – sharing a flat and trying to retain or regain their humanity.

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Being Human

Will the trio ever become truly human again?

New York – June 5, 2013 – BBC AMERICA’s supernatural series, Being Human, returns for its explosive final chapter this July. Concluding its five-season run, three unconventional housemates – Vampire Hal (Damien Molony), Werewolf Tom (Michael Socha, Once Upon a Time) and Ghost Alex (Kate Bracken), navigate a turbulent world, searching for their lost humanity. But things quickly turn dangerous when the trio realize the greatest evil known – the Devil – is wandering the earth in the shape of a man, set to conquer and rule the world. The roommates will battle this ultimate enemy in an epic showdown to save both humans and supernaturals and in the end, their souls. Being Human premieres Saturday, July 13, 10:00pm ET/PT as part of Supernatural Saturday.

Creator and Lead Writer, Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who, Torchwood), promises a grand ending to the series, stating “Consequently we’ve created what I hope you’ll agree is an epic, thrilling and shocking finale that’ll keep the fans guessing and speculating for years to come.”

At the end of season four, viewers witnessed former housemate and ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow, Back in the Game) meeting her supernatural end when she saved the world from being ruled by the powerful vampire group “The Old Ones.” Now, Hal and Tom have a new ghost in the midst of their Honolulu Heights home in Alex – a vibrant tomboy who lost her life to a vampire’s fangs in retribution for a crime Hal committed 100 years earlier. After being marooned to the afterlife by Hal, their former romance turned sour. With Hal reeling from guilt and desperately trying to tame his thirst, this season sees him conflicted between his hedonistic vampire instincts and being an upright citizen. Meanwhile, Tom’s ambition is to gain confidence and progress in life. He is determined to get noticed by his peers and prepared to take action to make it happen – but at what cost?

With bills to pay, Hal and Tom find new employment at the Barry Grand Hotel. The hotel, however, is the home of a poisonous retiree, Captain Hatch (Phil Davis, Whitechapel, Sherlock), who on the surface seems to be a grumpy old man. But unbeknownst to them, he hides a dark secret that threatens not only the housemates’ friendships but the entire world. Obscurely, Captain Hatch manipulates the way the trio feels about each other and suddenly minor disagreements turn into major conflicts. Gradually, their treasured trust decreases and Hal, Tom and Alex’s common goal – to find humanity – becomes more distant than ever before.

This final season also sees Mr. Rook, the shady figure whose government department protects the world from supernaturals, battling to hold on to his power. Much to his horror, the government intends to close his organization due to high running costs. Attempting to justify his association’s existence and keep his job, Mr. Rook creates problems to prove the danger posed by supernaturals.

In a town where a threat is lurking around every corner and where the Devil is growing stronger each day, Hal, Tom and Alex need to overcome their differences and unite in order to save themselves and the world from destruction. Even the best of friends can become enemies in a ruthless world, but collectively they will try to rise against the evil like true heroes.

Being Human is produced by Touchpaper Wales (part of Zodiak Media Group), Cymru Wales for the BBC and co-produced by BBC AMERICA.

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Tom                                                     Michael Socha

Hal                                                       Damien Molony

Alex                                                     Kate Bracken

Mr. Rook                                              Steven Robertson

Captain Hatch                                      Phil Davis

Creator and Lead Writer                      Toby Whithouse

Director                                               Philip John

Executive Producer                              Toby Whithouse 

Rob Pursey

Philip Trethowan

Producer                                              Polly Buckle



Chained up like an animal, Hal frantically requests to be set free by best-friend Tom and new housemate Alex. Once released, Hal is accidentally involved in innocent bystander Crumb’s (Colin Hoult, Life’s Too Short) death and “saves” him by recruiting him as a vampire. But the disobedient vampire proves to be difficult to handle. Meanwhile, Mr. Rook (Steven Robertson, Ripper Street), a civil servant in charge of keeping supernaturals at bay, is told that his secret department is being shut down.


Alex feels like the house is haunted by another ghost, but Hal and Tom aren’t convinced. Besides, they have more important things to think about, like the Employee of the Month Competition at the hotel they are desperate to win. In the interim, Captain Hatch secretly turns Hal and Tom’s contest into a competitive battle… Meanwhile, Mr. Rook has a plan to justify his secret government department by using the new and slightly unhinged Vampire Crumb to show the importance of keeping supernaturals under control.


Television weatherman Larry Chrysler (Julian Barratt, The Mighty Boosh) is successful – beauty-queen wife, sharp suits and flashy cars – but he is also untrustworthy and not what he seems. However, Tom doesn’t realize any of that because he is enamored with Larry and sees him as a new mentor.  Meanwhile, Hal meets his old ghost friend Lady Mary (Amanda Hale, Ripper Street), which sparks intense jealousy from Alex.


Mr. Rook is desperate as his government department inches closer to its end and in order to prevent it from happening, he sets off searching for private investors. Ahead of his trip, he leaves Bobby (Ricky Grover, EastEnders) – a werewolf who has been on lockdown for decades – under Tom’s supervision. However, Captain Hatch has other plans for Bobby. While Hal is entrusted with getting vampire Crumb in order, Alex is not so sure he can be managed.


Tom falls for new hotel staff member Natasha (Kathryn Prescott, Skins), but she has come to the attention of Hal for seedier reasons. Meanwhile, Alex is positive there is something suspect about hotel resident Captain Hatch. Reeling from unfortunate occurrences at the hotel, Alex is determined to get to the bottom of it, even if it means putting her safety at risk.


In the shocking series finale, hotel resident Captain Hatch is determined to cause as much chaos and devastation as possible. While Hal is turning excessively malicious, Tom has returned to his default setting – vampire killer. Alex, knowing the truth about Captain Hatch, needs to join the trio in order to prevent Captain Hatch’s plan – but at what cost to humanity?



TOM (Michael Socha)

Tom has spent his life on a mission: to kill vampires.? He moved into Honolulu Heights after his beloved father-figure McNair was killed. Putting his nomadic lifestyle behind him and trying his best to squash his vampire-killing instincts, Tom soon became an emotional rock for his housemates. Learning to live a normal life is challenging for Tom but he is striving to stay positive. 


HAL (Damien Molony)

Hal has been a vampire for more than 500 years and the temptation for blood and carnage still rules his every waking thought. Although his standoffish nature and over-controlling tendencies initially sparked some tension between Tom and him, their incredible journey has led them to become best friends. At the end of season four, Tom and Alex strapped Hal to a chair in order to rehabilitate him from craving blood… but will it prove wise to release him?


ALEX (Kate Bracken)

Alex, the newest housemate in Honolulu Heights, is adjusting to life after death. She misses her family passionately but knows she is lucky to have two friends in Hal and Tom to face it with – though she would never admit that. In the final season, we follow Alex as she hunts for her human body, and see her come face to face with her greatest fears.

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