The Jack Sack is Back, 24 Season 8 Predictions

The Jack Sack is back baby and after the excellent two hour premiere I’m fully on board with Season 8 of 24. I loved it when Jack muttered, “I hate this place.” Who doesn’t hate their job? I’m the type of viewer who generally enjoys 24 in six hour marathon sessions as opposed to watching it on a week-to-week basis. I think the story flows better this way, so I will be doing re-caps this season but probably in two – three episode blocks. My recap of the first four hours will come later this week, in the meantime I have a few predictions for this season – since we all know there is definitely a formula.

  • Jack will say “Dammit” at least once this season and once and when he does, the flood gates will open – they teased it the first night, I expected him to say it when they blew up the helicopter.
  • Something will happen to Kim and her Husband – hostage on the plane, airport, etc.
  • Kim’s Husband will somehow involved in this plot
  • A Mole in CTU – CTU is incapable of running a simple background check on anyone who works for them. This is the agency we trust for homeland security?
  • Chloe is going to shoot someone
  • An arrest warrant will be issued for Jack Bauer
  • Someone on the President’s staff will be involved in this Plot
  • Tony will put in an appearance
  • The middle of the season will be boring (usually eps 10 – 14)
  • Jack’s going to end up Director of CTU
  • At some point the Freddie Prinze, Jr. character is going sink to Jack’s “level” and put the “Tongs” to someone
  • Jack’s pants will be on the floor
  • Ultimately Season 8 will go completely off the rails as we all know Even number seasons of 24 are generally bad
  • Hassan’s brother really isn’t evil, he’s being forced to betray him.