The Hunted: Encore, A Vampire Musical Web Series you didn’t know You Wanted.

Looking for a new web series to sink your teeth into? Charging Moose Media’s The Hunted: Encore’s second season is now available — the show is a spinoff of the longest running web series on the internet, The Hunted.  The Hunted: Encore showcases the further adventures of New York City’s infamous vampire slayers in an action-comedy-rock musical- mockumentary. Witness the rockin’ team of vampire slayers led by Megan (Megan Dorn) as they move in-and- out of the shadows to eradicate the infestation of vampire legions from the Big Apple. Check out Season Two.

The Hunted: Encore face a new threat as vlogging vampires John and Adam have started a wildly successful campaign to win public support for their creed. But that’s not all—in order to deal with Megan and the slayers for good, John has called in the Queens of the Damned, the top mercenary-for-hire vampire assassin squad in the country—and an awesome rock band.

Fearing that the Encore team may be in over their heads, chief slayer (and The Hunted’s creator) Bob has come to warn them about the imminent danger and train them before it’s too late. There’s just one problem: the Queens don’t only want Megan’s blood; they want HER.

The first season featured eight original songs in an award-winning score. In season two, eight brand new original songs, six written by composer Preston Max Allen, a writer in the vein of Jonathan Larson, send The Hunted: Encore to new heights unlike any vampire project in any medium before or since. Visit the official website for more information.