The Future of Movie Theaters, Recasting Forrest Gump, Europa Report Reviewed

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The interwebs were set afire this past week when blogger Hunter Walk wrote a piece stating that movie theaters should offer WiFi capabilities, and electrical outlets for people who wanted to do work while watching films. The resulting debate flared up with people like the crew at Penny Arcade weighing in, and even Elijah Wood shared his opinions on the matter.

With that in mind, the GeekScholars Movie News podcast kicks off this week’s show with a discussion about the future of movie theaters—should there be a non-quiet option? What about venues with food, or an allowance for crying babies?

From there, in honor of Lee Daniel’s The Butler getting a wide release, the GeekScholars enter a Casting Competition Challenge for another iconic historical drama,Forrest Gump. Listen in to hear the crew’s choices recasting for Forrest, Jenny, and Lt. Dan (spoiler: Lauren crucifies Fox’s picks).

Finally, Fox and Jill share their super positive review for the sci-fi independent movie, Europa Report about a manned mission to one of Jupiter’s moons to search for life.