The Almighty Thor: SyFy Sinks to new Low

The Almighty Thor Review!

Why SyFy, why? Why must you prove your critics right when you do things like this shameless Almighty Thor stunt. How do you go from high water mark programming like Battlestar Galactica, Eureka and Stargate SG-1 to crap like this? Oh, I understand it involves minimal risk to air a Thor movie on your network the same weekend a big budget blockbuster version is being released but your reputation suffers when you do such a craptastic job of it. The Almighty Thor airing tonight (Sat 5.06.11) is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It’s unwatchable. Not almost unwatchable, it is unwatchable. Thor with an Uzi? Check. Crappy looking Hammer? Check? Kevin freaking Nash as Odin? Check? Richard Greico as Loki? Check. How else could this movie fail? Did I mention Thor uses a freaking Uzi against Loki?

I tried watching this, really, watched the first painful 40 minutes, then randomly skipped ahead and, just wow. This movie’s idea of Asgard is a place with non-descript woods (in the off season) with no buildings. I’m not going to go into all of the things they got wrong here, let’s just say everything. I recently took part in a conference call with Cody Deal who plays Thor and while he’s a nice enough guy, he’s completely wrong for the role of Thor, don’t even get me started with Kevin Nash – and there’s a lot of him in the first 30 minutes.

SyFy Almight Thor Review, Cody Deal

The Hammer looked lame as heck, it was a cheap looking tree branch with a fake looking rock, literally, tied on top of it. How do you get Thor’s hammer wrong? That doesn’t require a lot of “special” effects or a big budget to create. Greico’s Loki was ridiculous, bad make up and the character was one-dimensional. Not sure what he was trying to do. Clearly it looked like he was having fun with it. Unfortunately I didn’t.

Just don’t bother watching this, it’s not even on the level of it’s so bad it’s good or camp. It’s just bad.

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Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 5.06.11

One thought on “The Almighty Thor: SyFy Sinks to new Low”

  1. I tried watching this movie, too. I watched about 10 – 15 minutes of it before shutting it off. I don’t understand why SyFy can have decent enough series (Merlin, Being Human, Caprica, the Stargate franchise. etc.) and have the worst movies imaginable. I understand that by having this movie come out the same weekend as the movie Thor may boost ratings, but even if the writing was on the same level with the movie, moviegoers who have recently seen the big-screen version are always left with a wanting feeling when watching and comparing to SyFy movies. The movies are usually so bad bad that they’ve sort of become a running joke. When I tell people I’m a sci fi fan they point out the SyFy channel and its movies. Why not have a competition where fans write and direct a (truly) original movie. With all of your loyal nerds (myself included) someone has to know a little about this sort of thing. It can’t be any worse than what they’ve been turning out.

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