TELEVISION: Who Needs Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon When You’ve Got Twitter?


Technology can be a wonderful tool. It allows you to listen to music from your iPhone on the way to work, download new songs while enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop and receive instant tweets from damn near everyone in the known universe. This is no exaggeration, even Elizabeth Taylor (Yes, Dame Elizabeth) has a Twitter account and she uses it! We’re living in an age where you can chat with your best friend in Wales over Skype then switch over and check your Twitter account to see Dame Elizabeth’s latest tweet and then post to your blog about the conversation you had with your best friend about Elizabeth Taylor’s tweet’s, all from your slick new iPhone. Yes, I have a mild addiction to my iPhone…so sue me!

In all seriousness, it is amazing the ability we have today to reach out and touch the people in our lives in an instant. I’ve finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon to keep in touch with our readers here at and fellow writers who enjoy singing snippets from the soundtrack to Glee repeatedly (yes, I’m talking to you DuckyDoesTV) and mytakeontv). I’ve had “…the smell of wine and cheap perfume” in my head for a week now!

But I digress. So I was on Twitter yesterday setting up my account and searching around for people I wanted to follow when I came across a flurry of activity surrounding our friends over at Guiding Light. It turns out that one Ms. Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer) has also jumped on the Twitter train and has taken to it like a duck to water. Yesterday during what appeared to be a long shoot day on the set of Guiding Light, Crystal Chappell did want all soap fans could only dream of…she tweeted LIVE from the set. This wasn’t a media event with journalists doing a set tour. This was an actress connecting with her fans. And trust me; Crystal Chappell has fans…lots and lots of devoted fans. As of this morning her Twitter account was up to 1961 followers and I’ve been told she only started her page 4 days ago so yeah, the girls got fans.


The tweets consisted of the comings and goings of the visiting cast members present at the Bauer BBQ. From current cast mates Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding) and Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) to past favorites Nancy St. Alban (ex-Michelle Bauer Santos) and Paul Anthony Stewart (ex-Danny Santos). Crystal makes it clear that she and the folks over at Guiding Light appreciate their fans and want to stay connected in any way they can. But this is nothing new for Ms. Chappell. Recently she wrote a heartfelt letter to her fans on her blog stating:

“We at GL have been given plenty of pats on the back over the years, but the truth is it’s we who applaud you. For your dedication and on-going support. And for just being down-right great!

I have LOVED playing Olivia! Yes, she can be a bit whacked but I always knew there was a blooming heart underneath it all. I consider the Otalia story to be one of my proudest accomplishments. If, in any way, I’ve touched a life, a thought, or at least served as some kind of distraction for those who need to look away for a moment from a hardship they’re dealing with, I am grateful. It truly has been my privilege.

For those of you who have never written a fan letter but have started, THANK YOU! For you who have and continue, THANK YOU! Your voices are powerful. They’ve certainly touched me.” — full blog post


I’m hard pressed to find too many entertainers this invested in staying so closely connected to her fans in such a genuine way. It’s clear that she replies to those who take the time to send a letter or an e-mail. Her blog posts are most definitely her own which is obvious once you’ve read it in its entirety. It’s impressive to see that at a time when a genre is in jeopardy of fading away and a show is actually coming to a close on a major network, that one if its major players take the time to be so gracious and humble and loving. Clearly Crystal loves what she does and appreciates those who have supported her along the way.

Crystal Chappell on Twitter:

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45 thoughts on “TELEVISION: Who Needs Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon When You’ve Got Twitter?”

  1. It has to be some kind of a record right? 1961 followers in 4 days?? I was happy with my 150! But then again…I'm not the Goddess that is Crystal Chappell. I loved the BBQ Twitter so much. It felt like you were part of something really exciting, and for CC to take time out to do that for her fans is simply amazing.
    Great article….Skype and Twitter never cease to amaze me…and scare me a bit too…..

  2. I'm with you liz, amazing and scary all in one! Crystal is a goddess and certainly knows how to tease and please her fans!!! We love it!!!

  3. Crystal is an all-round awesome person. She is so accessible to her fans and reaches out to everyone in a truly human way. She doesn't put on airs and every time I hear her interview or podcast, I am amazed how humble and self-effacing she is. I am a fan! Never been on before so yay to Crystal.

  4. Thanks Eclipes Mag for giving such a well deserved write up about the gracious, beautiful, and talented Crystal Chappell. It is a joy to follow her career, as she truly does make a genuine effort to connect to her fans. I feel as though Crystal has so very many who adore her because she is so mindful, invested, and approachable. We appreciate that she takes time out of her own private life to reach out to all of us who care about her life, work, and future. Please continue to give Crystal props and Guiding Light the positive press it so desperately needs at this uncertain time.

  5. Crystal is a Goddess!! so devoted to her fans and we love her for it!!! Bet she will break a Twitter record soon for adding followers!! thanks to her for sharing her time and thoughts from the BBQ! and for sending messages from the cast!! what a treat!

  6. The tweets from the BBQ were awesome! It was pretty amazing to me that Crystal and other members of the cast actually took the time out of their day to include us in it! I have always known Crystal was an incredible actress and she is phenomenal in the Otalia storyline. She is giving the performance of a lifetime! But, I have also discovered that she is a totally amazing person in real life. The time that she devotes to her fans is remarkable! She is the pied piper and we will follow her anywhere!

  7. The way Crystal has reached out to her fans is amazing. Not just with Twitter but with everything. That woman is truely one of a kind.

  8. Thank you thank you thank you for covering Crystal Chappell's effect on Twitter. I think all her fans are breaking Twitter's server Crystal is genuine in how she reaches out to fans. We couldn't ask for better actress to play the Otalia storyline.

  9. As a soap fan, I was beyond thrilled to follow Crystal and hear about the BBQ. Personally, though, I am continually amazed by how much love GL, especially Ms. Chappell, give back to us. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks for the article!

  10. Crystal is a Goddess! Shes an all around an amazing person. Not only can she take your breath away with one look and light up the small screen the second she walks on screen, but she can also touch countless hearts world wide with the kindness of her heart.
    I'm proud to be a fan of hers!

  11. Crystal Chappell is an amazing person and a great actress. As her fans we are truly blessed.

  12. Crystal Chappell's twittering (and the huge response from fans) is just one more indication that Guiding Light is turning out to be THE first soap opera for the new century. They're already using cutting edge technology and techniques to produce the show — and their legions of fans are watching on tv yes, but increasingly via the net, and downloads on laptop and iphone screens around the world. Guiding Light is blazing a digital trail — not bad for a 72 year old broad — that may yet save an industry and cultural institution too many have given up for dead

    I'll follow Guiding Light — Crystal Chappell and the rest of the cast and crew –wherever you guys end up. Just keep that Light shining!

  13. Yet another great article about the amazing Crystal Chappell. I have never seen an actress reach out so much to her fans! I am amazed at her grace and talent.

  14. Crystall Chappel is someone I would like to hang out with and get to know as a person. I can't think of anything nicer than that to say. From what I've seen of her, anyone she calls friend is very lucky indeed.

  15. What can we say but Crystal Chappell is truly the best!! She spoils her fans beyond belief that's why we are all so loyal and admire her so much. I can't describe how cool it was for her to tweet to us while she was working (Bauer BBQ) amazing!!! She's simply the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Crystal Chappell is wonderful. She was so generous with her time, taking the time out to make us feel like we were right there on set, joining in with the BBQ.

    I agree, she is the BEST!!!!!!

  17. I love that Crystal Chappell is so loving to her fans. She's just a beautiful human being inside & out. She's just brilliant!

  18. Crystal Chappell never ceases to amaze me, with her performance and dedication to GL and Otalia, and with how she reaches out and spoils her fans. She is truly amazing, and it is very heartwarming how she treats her fans, Thank you so much for recognizing just how much of a goddess CC is!

  19. Crystal Chappell is a goddess! She's been great to us fan and truly appreciates her fanbase. Jessica Leccia is also very accessible to the fans. We feel loved and very lucky to have both these actresses' doing the Otalia storyline

  20. Crystal Chappell is so wonderful and she knows that she has a huge fanbase that will definitely support her and Guiding Light no matter where the show ends up.

  21. I am so glad that Crystal did that. I do always wonder what actors and actresses do on set and how long it usually last to tape an episode. It is much appreciated and heart felt what she did. I love GL and the cast. Thanks GL and all the cast and crew for participating and the many episodes that you have given us. I look forward to soooooo many more.

  22. Wow..Thx so much for the article! It's great that Crystal has been twittering…I love it! I'm so thankful she takes the time to interact with her fans…Crystal Chappell is a Goddess!

  23. Thank you for article.
    Crystal Chappell is the only reason I joined Twitter. Now I can't stop checking it. What we do for CC! Truly an amazing person.

  24. Crystal is a Goddess and we are her humble followers. I thoroughly enjoyed her tweets yesterday and how she got others in the cast on the bandwagon. I love this lady and the Otalia story so much my heart melts every day they are on. Thanks for the article Tiffany.

  25. Crystal is amazing! We are so lucky to be fans of her work and also feel connected to her as a person. She is just so down to earth and gives so much of herself in everything she does. Thank you for including her in your article and giving her the attenion she definitely deserves.

  26. Go Crystal! You are truly AMAZING for being in touch with the fans SO much! We love you, and appreciate what you! So, thank you!

  27. Crystal is a goddess. I love Crystal Chappell's acting, add the fact that she returns the love to her fans…well that makes her a Goddess. 😉

    I'm one among thousands who have been Chappelled.

  28. Crystal is a fantastic actress and, not surprisingly, a great person. Her honest appreciation for her fans makes us love her even more and keeps attracting more of more of us. So nice to see how smart and savy she is by taking herself and the show to the people via Twitter or a blog or whatever else creates an experience for her fans. Way to go Crystal!

  29. Something extraordinary is happening these past 4 months between a soap actress and her fans. I have never seen it before and have not heard of any other soap star doing this. The fans are addicted to this storyline and thrilled with the acting and reached out to the performer. The actress is inspired by the response, and she reaches back to the fans. It's a circle. A nice one too.

  30. Crystal is indeed wonderful to her fans. She makes us all feel like family. She says it is a privilege for her to have fans like us but I feel it is a privilege to be able to watch her phenomenal performances every time she is on the air. She is a beauty inside and out. thanks for writing about the way she treats her fans. Perhaps some of the other stars will learn a thing or two from her.

  31. What a great article and to point out Crystal Chappell! She just seems like such a down to earth person and really connects well with her fans on an even level! Not too many celebs do that. Kudos, CC.. I adore you!

  32. Crystal Chappell is a class act, all the way. For her fans, for the cast. It was a wonderful experience seeing her tweet like that from the set filming day. Just a happy day. Between yesterday's episode and the tweets, and the BPD.

    Thank you very much, Crystal!

  33. Thanks so much for mentioning our dear, dear Crystal Chappell. She deserves all our gratitude and praise, for all she does on and off screen, all she gives to her character and to her fans. We adore her, with good reason. Its important that the message keeps getting around about the actress we know and love. Keep tweetin'!!!


    Wonderful article. It's so great to see all the coverage and fans and even people who've never twittered before and swore they wouldn't come up and out to play

  35. She's over 2000 now! W00t! Crystal is so gracious and loving towards her fans, and her tweets are just the tip o' the iceberg. Such devotion (on both sides) is part of the reason people have flocked from all over the globe to follow Crystal, Guiding Light, Jess, and Otalia … and have admittedly become uber-invested fangirls … er … and guys. Join the Purple Nation at the BPD!

  36. Thanks so much for bringing attention to this. Crystal is an extraordinary actress and a wonderful human being who cares so much, not only about her craft, but about the impact the show can have on people's lives. I continue to be amazed by her. I look forward to good things ahead for her, for Guiding Light, and for all of us who will delightedly follow them anywhere!

  37. Thank you for the article. Words can't express how deeply loved Crystal Chappell is by her fans…and what's amazing, though not suprising in the least, is that she returns that love to each and every one of us. She's genuine and warm-hearted…she's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

  38. Crystal tweetering to us fans absolutely made my day! Thanks Tiffany for highlighting that Crystal did this. Not only is she accomplished and sublime in her acting, she truly is an amazing human being who constantly displays genuine love for her fans. And you're right, Crystal has LOTS and LOTS of fans. WE LOVE YOU CRYSTAL!!

  39. Crystal Chappell is truly a Goddess! The fact that she takes this time to connect with her fans so directly and share her experiences with us, is really amazing. I'm not bit surprised that she's got over 2000 followers on twitter right now. She's got skillz, y'all! Skillz!

  40. Crystal Chappell is just all around amazing. Drop dead gorgeous with a beautiful presence, a huge heart and so gracious! She deserves all the accolades and adoration. She is worth every ounce of the "investing" Otalia fans can't seem to help doing.

  41. The power of Crystal Chappell….. bringing thousands of people to twitter…and most of us had never dreamed of joining the twitter nation before! Goddess indeed..

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