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With Sweeps Weeks going on and every television network looking to gain even more viewing audiences for their shows, The CW Network and Warner Brothers gave select members of the online press a chance to have an advance viewing of this week’s new episode of the hit series, Supernatural to generate some Sweeps Week buzz about it. After taking advantage of that opportunity to see Supernatural S5.13 The Song Remains the Same, all this reviewer can say about it is WOW!!

Ok, there is more to say than just that. Check out this synopsis to see what I mean.

When angel ally Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) escapes her captors in Heaven she contacts  Castiel (Misha Collins) in an effort to find Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), but Castiel is suspicious of her motives.  He soon learns that the former ally has gone back in time in a “Terminator”-like plan to stop the Apocalypse by killing John (Matt Cohen) & Mary (Amy Gumenick) Winchester before their son’s are ever born, thus ending the possibility of the brothers becoming vessels for Lucifer and Michael.  Steve Boyum directed the episode written by Sera Gamble and Nancy Weiner. 

Now read my review of Supernatural S5.13 The Song Remains the Same.


I have to say in all honesty that Supernatural S5.13 The Song Remains the Same is one of the better episodes to come along since Supernatural season 5  returned from it’s hiatus last month and a large part of that is due to the presence of Matt Cohen as the younger John Winchester and Amy Gumenick as the young Mary Winchester. I have to admit that when Matt Cohen first appeared in the Supernatural S4. 3 episode, In the Beginning, I wasn’t too impressed with him in the role of younger John Winchester. But then again it’s got to be hard to follow in the foot steps of an actor like Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played the role of the present day John Winchester until the character’s death in the S2.1 episode In My Time of Dying.  This time around, however I felt that Cohen more than captured the essence of the man we saw in Morgan’s version of the Winchester brother’s dad.

In Matt Cohen’s second turn as younger John Winchester the audience is given a glimpse of how the gentle and idealistic former Vietnam veteran later on becomes the obsessively driven man who drags his two young sons into the shadowy and dangerous world of hunting down the monster that killed his wife and their mother.

Amy Gumenick continues to rock the house as a young Mary Winchester and we see that even settled into married life hasn’t taken the edge off the hunter she once was.


One thing that Supernatural S5.13, The Song Remains the Same also gives viewers and fans is the chance to see both the Winchester brothers interacting with their parents. I firmly believe that viewers and fans, especially those whose favorite character is Sam Winchester, are going to find the boys interaction with this younger version of their father to be satisfying.  Sera Gamble and Nancy Wiener have created a story that presents the audience with answers to some questions they have had about where Sam’s feelings about his life are now in relation to where they were when John Winchester died. Jared Padalecki gives a very emotional and heart tugging performance in his scenes opposite Cohen’s younger version of Sam Winchester’s dad

And speaking of heart tugging, Dean’s feelings are also delved into in this episode as he is still so bent on saving their mom from her fate. Jensen Ackles turns in a highly dramatic performance as we once again are given glimpses of that heartbroken and lonely little boy that still lives inside of the grown man that Dean Winchester has become; the one who remembers his mom and wants her back.

Also returning is the angel Anna (Julie McNiven) and let’s just say that Dean’s not going to be interested in having anymore tryst in the back seat of the Impala with her – she’s come up with her own plan to stop the apocalypse and it entails a mission to make sure the Winchester brothers aren’t even born! I have to say I like Anna a lot better in this kind of ‘proactive’ angel storyline much better than just another girl for Dean to make out with. The storyline gives Julie McNiven more to sink her acting teeth into and in my opinion gives Anna more punch as a character.

Even if Anna has gone ‘terminator’ heroes like Dean still have the right to dream about sexy angels


Or Devils too!


Supernatural S5.13 The Song Remains the Same has some very interesting plot twists along the way that we have been forbidden under the threat of Kripke to reveal to audiences (and I’ll talk more about those after the episode has aired). However, I think I can safely say that fans and viewers won’t be disappointed by them so tune into the CW Network this Thursday at 9PM EST to check out the latest episode of Supernatural.

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  1. This episod is on my top 5 list, with the episod "In the beginning". I love Amy Gumenick. She's a very good actrice. She make me cry so easily. Matt Cohen is a very good actor too. I love him as Michael. Young Mary and Young John are my favorite characters after Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby.

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