TELEVISION Review: FlashForward Returns with Shocking Revelations!

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When ABC’s FlashForward returns tomorrow [8/7], it comes with a much quicker pace and some staggering revelations – hence the episode title, Revelation Zero. After a surprisingly brief recap, things almost explode as we learn, in short order, why Lloyd [Jack Davenport] was kidnapped; how Mark [Joseph Fiennes] manages to remember the fuzzy parts of his flashforward, and even who the mysterious figure was who was moving about that baseball stadium after the flashforward happened [which, naturally enough, ties into an even larger mystery…].

With Mark on suspension, a new agent is brought in to lead the MOSAIC investigation – a leader who has a huge impact on the investigation – and Demetri [John Cho] – both positively and negatively. Janice [Christine Woods] encounters some familiar faces… sort of, and Nicole [Peyton List] meets a man named Timothy [Gil Bellows] who may be able to help her make sense of her flashforward. And really, we’re just skimming over a few of the many high impact moments from Revelation Zero.

The writers – Seth Hoffman & Marc Guggenheim [Part 1] and Quinton Peeples [Part 2] – are tasked with giving us a lot of information without either making the exposition too overt, or too slowly developed – and they succeed; the directors – John Polson [Part 1] and Constantine Makris & John Polson [Part 2] – actually make the double length ep feel of a single piece.

When FlashForward premiered, oh so many months ago, I wrote that it had the potential to live up to its description as a franchise serial that could fill the gap that ABC will have once Lost finishes it run, this season. Sadly, the series then sputtered and shed viewers.

Now, probably too late, it is beginning to live up to its potential. Revelation Zero is a very solid ep and deserves an increased audience. It could happen – but that’s not usually the way the things work. If you’re already a fan, you’ll have more to enjoy than usual, here. If you’ve come aboard as a result of Tuesday evening’s special recap of the series’ essential moments, you may well find yourselves hooked.

Will it be enough? Who knows? After Revelation Zero, I hope so.

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Photo courtesy ABC; Photographer: Jack Davenport