TELEVISION RECAP: 90120 To Sext or Not to Sext, S2 Ep 2 Recap


The show starts where we left off last week. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) has Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) nude photos on her cell phone the problem is she doesn’t know how to send it anonymously so she flirts with a computer geek to get him to show her how.  Her fellow mean girls, Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) interrupt before a deal is struck.  Silver sees Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and is still upset over the breakup, once again vows to get him back.  Meanwhile Navid (Michael Steger) is trying to restart the school newspaper and his jealousy of the new guy Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is growing.  Liam (Matt Lanter) tells Naomi that he did sleep with someone but it wasn’t Annie but refuses to say who he did sleep with, so of course Naomi doesn’t believe him.  Tracy (Christina Moore) goes over to Liam’s house and tells his mother to stay away from Naomi.  His mother is the type who is scared to rock the boat so she tells Liam if he doesn’t stay away they will put him juvi. We finally meet Liam’s stepfather and it’s Smallville’s John Schneider playing a “domineering,” party/drunk guy who agrees with Liam’s mother that if he acts up again Liam’s going to juvi.

At Navid’s first newspaper staff meeting news of Annie’s sex text starts circulating. A girl suggests doing a story on Teddy and Navid’s green-eyed monster comes up again.  After the meeting, Silver calls Annie to warn her and Navid calls Dixon.  Dixon is really becoming a dick this season he tells Navid that he doesn’t care about Annie or her problems anymore.  Dixon, Liam, and Teddy become fast friends when they try out for the Surf Team. Liam tells Dixon he didn’t sleep with Annie, once again Dixon says he no longer cares about Annie and that they are two different people. So now you have the Mean Guys to go with the Mean Girls. Silver calls Dixon to congratulate him on making the team. When he ignores the call she breaks down. Last year Silver was crazy (but still likable) so one can understand Dixon wanting to finally end it.  Navid sandbags Teddy in an interview, which makes Adrianna angry.  He later apologizes and asks Adrianna not to hang around Teddy any longer because it makes him uncomfortable. Of course she refuses.  Annie of course is panicking over the sext threat and goes to Naomi to beg her not to release the text message.  Naomi forces Annie to admit that she slept with Liam. For some weird reason this is the thing that gives her doubts. The other mean girls tell her that, despite what Annie has done, anyone who sends the photo would be evil.

Tracy tells Naomi that she’s using Ryan (Ryan Eggold) to snag a rich boyfriend. Hanging around a poor teacher makes it seem like she’s not a gold digger. She staged a fake “double booking,” to make her billionaire guy jealous.  Naomi tells Tracy she has her doubts about Liam and Annie that she doesn’t want to send the text message. Of course Ryan really cares about Tracy – when he going to stop being a milk toast? Tracy calls her “sweet,” “naive,” and that she’s just like their mother who didn’t believe all the evidence that their father was cheating.  Naomi sends the message.

The fallout at the school the next morning is evident. Dixon punches out the guy Annie slept with. Which was incredibly lame since Dixon’s been a dick so far this season this makes no real sense.  We get a glimpse of the old Silver when she comforts Annie for a few minutes who doesn’t believe Naomi sent the text. Annie upset that Silver has changed storms off. Episode ends with Annie in an empty classroom crying. On the School Television Teddy is telling Navid that the most horrible thing that’s happened to him was finding a hit and run victim at the beginning of summer.


So far I do not like this new season, everyone has become mean and conniving too quickly. The only likeable character so far this season is Navid and they are turning him into a jealous, sex-obsessed jerk.  The acting has gotten worse and after a full season under their belts you would think that they would start to gel as a cast but they aren’t.  I do hope the show gets better; it started rough last year but turned around in the middle of the year. Maybe it’ll do the same this year.

Final Grade F
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Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 09.16.09