TELEVISION NEWS: Oprah Breaks, Kentucky Fried Chicken

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I used to love Kentucky Friend Chicken but the quality of the chicken has gone completely in the crapper in the last few years. Sometimes you’ll get a round that is slap your mother good, but 6 out of ten times it’s completely unedible. When I heard about the free chicken deal, I was ready to give it a try. But the entire thing was totally ill conceived from the beginning. The first problem was it required the installation of software just to print the coupons, this was done I’m sure to include some sort of DRM so people don’t print up 1,000s of passes. The problem was KFC’s coupon scanner only works with color printers even though a large majority of people use black and white, then of course they also didn’t plan on having a lot of folks show up because they ran out of Chicken.  So this entire marketing campaign has been a giant failure. But is that really the case? I mean look at all the buzz (bad buzz, sure) they have gotten from this. And I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m even more curious now to try their stupid grilled chicken.

13 thoughts on “TELEVISION NEWS: Oprah Breaks, Kentucky Fried Chicken”

  1. I actually got the meal. It was pretty good but not slap your mother good. I could definitely see myself eating it instead of the fried variety.

  2. I'm angry at KFC and won't eat there nor at their sister companies Pizza Hut or Taco bell for a long time.

    I was given the run-around at the local KFC… had to fill out a "raincheck" even though they had the chicken dinners for sale!

    YUM Brands sucks!

  3. I hated KFC and now because of being turned away after driving over 5 miles I hate them even more. I curse there stores and hope they burn to the ground.

  4. Tried to use a coupon in Kirkland, WA store. All out, fill out this form & they will mail you one AND add a Pepsi. Form says to give it & coupon to crew member OR mail it. As I left the store they came running after me "the manager says you MUST mail it, he will not accept it" . Been a long time since I ate at KFC, and it will be LONGER YET before I try it again. They truley shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  5. Not all of them wanted to do the free meal thing but most of them did! for you! The one here ran out of chicken too but its not there fault. I mean if people weren't so selfish and didn't print off more then one for themselves and then go copy them they might have had enough! how can you hate them for giving millions of people free stuff?!? and when they couldn't anymore at that time they offered you something so you can get it a different time!

  6. im upset with KFC how can they go ahead and give this promotion then take it away. Shouldnt the coupon say "expires may 19th 2009 this date is subject to change" shouldnt it say that if they can just stop the promotion….why isnt this being considered fraud? im fed up with this. i am no longer eatting at any KFC or yum brand company. I will take my hard earned money else where. what a poor pooooor things this company did. shame shame. be a friend of the myspace protest against this company…

  7. !!! it says not all the stores had to honer the promotion right on the stupid thing!

  8. i m very upset today 5/09 i went to a location in tampa rd oldsmar florida and i was denied my coupon how can this be?

  9. Give me a break, the coupon was worth five bucks or less. Anybody who drove 5 miles or who wasted their lunch hour for some cheap freebie and is complaining is an idiot. Grow up and stop acting like you're 10 years old and surviving on your parents allowance

  10. Kentucky Fried Chicken serving grilled chicken? hopefully they won't have to change their name to KF&GC (awkward!)

  11. "The Oprah Effect" strikes again! KFC isn't the first to be overwhelmed by an Oprah mention. CNBC is airing a documentary about her power and influence called "The Oprah Effect" on Thursday, May 28th 9p ET | 10P PT.

    Check out web extras at

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