TELEVISION NEWS: My Dumb Theory for Tonight’s Chuck

I didn’t watch the first 1/2 of this season of Chuck because I was into Gossip Girl, then GG went on that 3 month long break and I got caught up in the Chuckster again. The last few episodes were really good. I know a lot of people like the Buy More stuff in the B story more than the Spy stuff in the A story. I’m the opposite, I like the stuff between Casey, Chuck and Sarah more than the Buy More stories. I think last week’s episode was a perfect spot to end the series, it wrapped everything up into a nice little bow and sent us away happy. The show should have ended then. But if it continues, the producers are promising tonight’s episode will be a “game changing” episode.  So here is my stupid theory, Chuck will not get the Intercept back into his head, it’s going to go into someone else’s – my dumb theory for tonight – Morgan is going to become the new Intercept with Chuck becoming a “real” agent and Morgan’s handler.  You read it here first.

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