Television: Kanye Tears up on Jay Leno

Kanye West

Ok, I don’t buy it. Kanye was on Jay Leno’s new show last night and he broke down when Jay asked him what Kanye’s mother would have thought about is behavior at the VMAs. The moment felt staged to me. I’ve always really liked Kanye – until he decided to become a “singer.” He’s not afraid to speak his mind, his interrupting Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMAs was classless, but now it seems like useless piling on.  Let it go people.  Here’s the clip from Jay Leno  and after the break you can see some more highlights from Leno’s premiere show.  I don’t keep up with today’s music any more, do they even show music videos, anywhere? I know they don’t on MTV so the very idea they have a Video Music Awards show is laughable. Anyway, I digress, was Beyonce’s video that good?

Leno’s first guest Jerry Seinfeld

Jay’s Opening