TELEVISION: CBS Picks Six! epilobio finasteride propecia go to site avgang viagra generic describing self essay source link clomid used for men thesis statement examples for public speaking how to write scientific report sample essay questions sat carajo spanish meaning of essay click here get off propecia ap biology ap exam essay questions india challenges in the 21st century essay tesol thesis viagra joke light switch source url enter apology plato essay about the soul adarsh parivar essay typer buy tetracycline online no prescription cover letter editing write your essay follow site go purchase motilium from australia The producers of six new series got word today that their shows will be on CBS’ schedule when it’s unveiled on Wednesday morning. The six new shows – four dramas, a comedy and a reality series – are: The Good Wife,  Miami Trauma, Three Rivers, the as-of-yet-untitled NCIS spin-off, Accidentally on Purpose, and Undercover Boss.


The Good Wife, a legal drama in which a politician’s wife [Julianna Margulies] begins a legal career as a defense attorney. The cast will also include Matt Czurchry [Gilmore Girls], Christina Baranski [Cybill, Mamma Mia!] and Josh Charles [Sports Night, In Treatment], among others. Chris Noth [Law & Order, Sex and the City] will have a recurring role.

Jerry Bruckheimer produces Miami Trauma, a medical series that [what else] follows a group of trauma surgeons. The cast includes: Lana Parilla [24, Swingtown], Jeremy Northam [The Singing Detective, The Tudors], Richard Coyle [Coupling UK, Strange] and Elisabeth Harnois [Point Pleasant, One Tree Hill].

Three Rivers, a medical series centering on transplants, is from Carol Barbee [Jericho], Curtis Hanson [L.A. Confidential, In Her Shoes] and Carol Fenelon [8 Mile, In Her Shoes]. The cast includes: Christopher Hanke, Justina Machado [Six Feet Under, ER], Daniel Henney [X-Men Origins: Wolverine], Katherine Moennig [The L Word], Julia Ormond [Smilla’s Sense of Snow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button]… and some guy named Alex O’Loughlin from some one-season wonder vampire show…

The NCIS spin-off-to-be-named-later is centered around an NCIS team that specializes in undercover ops. It’s pickup means we will find out if G [Chris O’Donnell] lives. The cast includes the aforementioned O’Donnell [Grey’s Anatomy, The Company], LL Cool J [In the House, NCIS], Daniela Ruah [The Guiding Light], Louise Lombard [CSI: Crime Scene Investigation] and Peter Cambor [Notes from the Underbelly].

Undercover Boss is a reality series. We will speak of it no more.

The network’s only new comedy, Accidentally on Purpose, stars Jenna Elfman [Dharma & Greg] as a movie critic who becomes pregnant by a younger man. The series comes from Gail Berman [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel] and Lloyd Braun [former head of ABC].

6 thoughts on “TELEVISION: CBS Picks Six!”

  1. "Some guy named Alex O'Loughlin from some one-season wonder vampire show". You, Sheldon, must have transferred over from a politcal based position, if you dont know about Alex O'Loughlin or Moonlight. How do you get these writing jobs when you do no research and just write something off the top of your empty head.

  2. Funny how some shows' fans have no sense of humor. Yes, it was a joke; yes I enjoyed the show; yes, I signed all the petitions. Jeeeeeeez! Worse than bloody Trekkies! 😀 […and yes, I'm a Trekker – and they frustrate me, too!]

  3. Yes, I knew that had to be a joke as Alex O'Loughlin is the star of Three Rivers – ha ha. I can hardly wait – it is the only show I am excited about out of the whole list. Alex is amazing – sure do miss Moonlight – but I will watch my DVD and enjoy all of Alex's new work that is coming out soon. WhiteOut may FINALLY open in 9/09 and he is now filming The Back-Up Plan. Alex was awesome as Vincent on Criminal Minds recently – this is Alex O's year!
    (BTW – if you haven't already, check out some of Alex's movies on DVD – as well as The Shield season 6 and of course, Moonlight – the man can do no wrong on film! Yes, I am one of those rabid fans – we don't mind being called rabid – but when they say "SMALL but rabid fan base" – now THAT makes me mad. Our #s are in the BILLIONS!)

  4. Thank you for reporting the great news on THREE RIVERS! I can't wait to see ALEX O'LOUGHLIN in a series again 🙂 He's the only actor who made watching TV much more interesting for me. Alex is breathtakingly handsome and combines intelligence, empathy and versatility with a wonderful sense of humor.

  5. I kind of HOPED you were joking about Alex O'Loughlin's new show, Sheldon, but it might be hard to tell for those of us who don't know you. Thanks for posting the information, though. I am among the millions who are excited and can't wait for the fall season to begin. I wish Alex all the luck in this new endeavor, but … I still miss Moonlight!

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