TELEVISION: After all of that Ink and Hype, Susan Boyle Loses to Dancers?!

After the weeks of hype and fawning Press, Britain’s Got Talent winner was not Susan Boyle who many thought  was a shoe in. Instead she lost to a dance troup called Diversity.  Here’s Susan’s finale performance. Followed by a clip of Diversity. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “TELEVISION: After all of that Ink and Hype, Susan Boyle Loses to Dancers?!”

  1. What a bunch of rubbish. She is NOT a great singer. Have the Judges been borrowing Paula Abdul's drugs? Has the world gone mad? She is very average, at best. Rushes every phrase ahead of the beat. Go back to Scottish karaoke, my dear, you are nowhere the talent that the hype has said. You sang "I Dreamed a Dream" twice and "Memory" once. You are very limited in your style — all dreary ballads. I am so relieved that other people also saw through the hype.

  2. i thought Susan Boyle was very good; i don't think it's so much that she's limited in style; it's just that sometimes contestants sing what got them there in the first place. i heard Piers (or whatever his name is) say he wanted her to sing the very first song she sang, which i guess she did. i also thought Diversity was good, and i guess the win was kind of like the American Idol win where a lot of people thought Adam was going to win, but Kris Allen did instead. a lot of people thought Susan was going to win, but Diversity did instead. doesn't really matter much because Susan is already a star, and she'll get a contract, as well as plenty of invitations to perform. heck, Simon might even sign her himself. i love that we all have our own opinions and that we can freely voice them and share–doesn't make one wrong or the other right; just different.

  3. It doesn't matter that Susan did not win, she is already a star by all accounts. She has a beautiful voice and will no doubt go on to make tons of money now. I'm glad that Diversity won instead and gave those young people a chance at that money since dance troupes do not usually go on to worldwide fame and fortune.

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