TELEVISION: Adam Lambert’s Big News Day, Shocks the World!!

Adam Lambert Rolling Stone Cover

Today is a big news day for Adam Lambert fans, he just signed a record deal with Simon Cowell’s recording company – as I’ve said numerous times Idol was FIXED this year, not that this particular news should be shocking or even that there’s something wrong with Cowell’s record company signing the deal. His new Album will be out this fall and he’s recording it while on the Top 10 Idol Tour – that I like to call “The Horror, the Horror…”┬á But the really, biiiiiiiiiiiiig, shocking news is that he finally admits he’s gay in the latest issue of Rolling Stone – which hits the streets June 12. I mean there are only a thousand photos on the Internets of him making out with guys while he’s in Drag. But the fact that he had the nerve to be “coy” about it when interviewed a few weeks ago was just, just…


  1. coy he was just f&^king with the media who were being stupid asking stupid questions. nobody asked if the other contestants were virgins or if they had any gay/lesbian encounters.

  2. What is the significance of that green snake looking at his you-know-what?

  3. Some members of the media are the ones being coy, pretending they didn't know. They were only concerned about getting Adam to say the words "I'm gay!" for their headlines. Adam has been out for 8 years. He never denied it, he just wanted to address this personal issue on his own terms.

  4. I like his honesty, his vocals not so much

  5. OMG!!!! Ha ha ha just kididing….who cares. Good for him. Nice photo!

  6. I would L O V E to be that GREEN SNAKE !!!!!!!!

  7. He's has HUGH TALENT seems to be a down to earth HONEST guy. Who care's if he is gay.
    He appeal and his music is what I like . I'm a 48 yo female I just want to hear him sing. OK
    he is HOT also.

  8. do you mean simon fuller's company, as opposed to simon cowell? he's the one who owns RCA, right? ­čśÇ

    1. Actually it's both, he signed with Cowell's management company who is going to produce the Record to be released through RCA.

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