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Unseen Clip: The OA!

THE OA – Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) Photo courtesy of Netflix

When Prairie Johnson went missing as a little girl, she was blind. Seven years have passed and she has returned – with her vision restored.

Netflix has released a brief, poignant vignette for the series – the moment when Prairie recognizes one of her parents. Follow the jump to watch it.

The OA premieres on Friday, December 16th.

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Mysterious Trailer: The OA!


Paririe Johnson, a young blind girl disappears and when she reappears seven years later, her vision has been restored.

Is she a miracle or something more dangerous? Whichever, she refuses to talk about her missing years – with her parents or the FBI.

The eight-episode series, The OA, premieres on Netflix on Friday, December 16th. Check out the compelling trailer after the break.

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