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TV’s Bottom Feeders for 2014: The Dirty Dozen!

Stalker - Richard Cartwright

Happy New Year!

I thought I’d say farewell to 2014 by excising the memory of the worst television had to offer in the past year. The list is an official Dirty Dozen of shows that were misconceived from the start, or smothered potentially great ideas under the weight of terrible writing (making one wonder how their creators could have even had that good of an idea to begin with).

There are no reality shows here – neither competition or alleged slice-of-life variety does much for me so I tend not to watch them. I haven’t seen everything, so there are probably a ton of awful shows that I have never seen. Feel free to add your thoughts on terrible shows in the comments.

So as to not single out a single worst show of the year, I’ve listed the contenders alphabetically.

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FOX Drops Tuesday Utopia, Moves Up Masterchef Junior Premiere!

Logo - 10-01-14

Beginning Tuesday, November 4th, Masterchef Junior will take the place of Utopia, the network’s reality series/social experiment – which will yield the timeslot to reruns of The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers, following the rerun of the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover on October 7th.

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Talking About Utopia: Starting Civilization (Almost) From Scratch!

Cast - Adam Rose

On Sunday, September 7th, FOX will present the first episode of a truly different unscripted series – one that the network is called a social experiment: Utopia. The idea of the series is to take fifteen would-be Utopians and isolate them someplace where they can hammer out an ideal (i.e.: utopian) society – then let them try to do it. Utopia is being aggressively scheduled and marketed – following Sunday’s premiere (8/7C), episodes will air on Tuesday, September 9th (9/8C) and Friday, September 12th (8/7C).

Earlier this week, I took part in a conference call Q&A session with Utopia’s Executive Producer, Jon Kroll, and FOX’s Executive Vice President of Alternative Entertainment, Simon Andreae to find out exactly what the show was about – and how things have going since the first fifteen Utopians were brought together.

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Fox Sets 2014-15 Premiere Dates!

Will Agent Booth be convicted of murdering ‘innocent FBI Agents?’ Find out when Bones returns on Thursday, September 25th. How do Icabod and Abby get out of (respectively) that box and that dollhouse? Sleepy Hollow will tell us on September 22nd – the same day we see Detective Jim Gordon comfort young Bruce Wayne and promise to capture their killers on the series premiere of Gotham.

Fox’s ‘social experiment,’ Utopia, gets a three-night premiere beginning on Sunday, September 7th and continuing on Tuesday September 9th and Friday, September 12th. Will Utopia’s participants be able to forge a new, utopian society from scratch? Will Bart Simpson and Peter Griffin ever learn? Let the fun begin on Sunday, September 26th when the 26th season of The Simspons premieres – followed by a one-hour Simpsons/Family Guy crossover event and the second season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (speaking of someone who really tries to never learn…).

To find out when your favorite Fox shows return – and your new favorites premiere, follow the jump.

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Fox Releases Trailers for 2014-15 Shows!

Trailers have become available for Fox’s new 2014-15 shows: Batman prequel Gotham; Gracepoint – the adaptation of British mystery, Broadchurch, Mulaney – based on the comedy of rising star, John Mulaney; the social experiment/unscripted Utopia; detective drama Backstrom (think House as a detective – only trying to evolve); Empire, the story of a hip-hop mogul’s family and his entertainment empire; fantasy Hieroglyph, set in ancient Egypt (think ancient gods, wizards, political intrigue); and M. Night Shyamalan’s event series, Wayward Pines.

After you watch the trailer for Gotham (above) – which looks and feels like they got it right – follow the jump to check out the rest.

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